The Internet has helped us to get introduced to new innovations and to improve our knowledge. In this era, new researches and information enlighten peoples to build new habits and enrich their knowledge about old exercises e.g. meditation and yoga.

Meditation is not newly innovated exercise, some folks are practicing it from years but in very few amounts. A large amount of population does not practice meditation because lack of awareness that how beneficial can it be.

But not now, as time has passed people get to know about meditation practice, how to get connect to the inner self. People get to know about the benefits of this practice through the internet and awareness camps.

Now many have started forming a habit of practicing it on a daily basis. And those who don’t give it a try till now they will miss joy and happiness of life which a practitioner gets through this simple natural practice.

Let me get to the main points that how meditation will improve self-control and make you more productive?

Many researchers have quoted that practicing meditation on daily basis up to 30 minutes can bring significant changes in the human ability of decision making, concentrating, improve the creative thinking and help to get control over the flood of thoughts.

The reason that we can get self-control through meditation is that during practicing meditation we inhibit our thoughts and distraction which make exercise our brain right side area called Ventrolateral Prefrontal Cortex ( rVLPFC).

The work of rVLPFC is to inhibit motor response, cognitive response, and emotional response. And when we meditate on a daily basis it changes the rVLPFC area and shows the activity. That is understood because when we meditate our focus is to achieve a state of mental peace by quieting or silencing our thoughts and distractions.

As we practice meditation on a daily basis so it trains our rVLPFC area and since that area is responsible for self-control e.g. (emotions/cognitive thinking/motor) so it increases our ability to exercise willpower across all these areas also and which gives us a better understanding of in happening inside our brain.

Learning Mindfulness Can Make You Capable of Getting Control Over Your Self.

Getting mindfulness can bring many benefits in your life and make you get control over many routine actions example you will get a better understanding of reacting to the difficult conditions and in which way you need to react to them either in a wave of anger or need to avoid that certain moment.

Many small things in life we human could not get properly understood because most of the time we are not totally mindful. Forgetting proper awareness of your inner self you need to practice certain steps, written below;

• Sit and Observe your Thoughts.

Taking out time for yourself will unveil many things inside you. Many of us face problems when we don’t understand own self and always stay busy in the race of achieving goals.

Do choose a place where you normally love to sit and then close your eyes for few minutes, after closing your eyes free your mind to think whatever he wants to think without restricting it to follow a certain pattern.

You will observe that slowly your thoughts will start getting in the sequence and it will become much easier for you to sort out them in certain ways.

• Breathe Awareness Meditation.

This type of meditation is known as one of the simple and easiest ones to practice. This can be practiced by anyone and mostly anywhere within a few minutes. In this type of practice, you don’t need to chant any mantra, you just need to simply sit and need to focus on your breathing rhythm.

It is sure that you will face little trouble in getting control over your thoughts in the beginning of your breath focusing journey but with the time you will sort out things and gradually start getting command over your practice. While you are focusing on your breath, different thoughts will pop-up in your head and will distract you to focus.

When thoughts will distract you, you need to avoid them simply and again bring your focus to the breathing rhythm or sensation of breathing. This practice will teach you to control your brain and create an ability inside you to instruct your mind for tasks which he needs to perform.

Above shown two practices are easy to follow and get more out of them and will help you to become a better human being and decision maker. Staying mindfulness will open many doors of opportunity for you so start working to get mindful for a better future.

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