Before we begin to discuss this powerful technique to attain self realization, we need to understand what is keeping us from self realization. We have to realize what we are constantly doing that separates us more and more from our own experience of oneness.

As thoughts arise, we identify with them. With every thought we think, we say “this is me.” And our attention is constantly identified with this “me;” my frustrations, my needs, my finances, my fears, my opinions. And with everything thought we identify with as “me” we enable this sense of “me,” we empower the ego; we empower this sense of separation. And it is this separation that is the misery that causes conflict and keeps us from self realization.

Even when we try to attain self realization, we tend to do so from this sense of “me,” which is what is keeping us from self realization in the first place. We can end up unconsciously identifying with spiritual concepts and this again just empowers the ego. This “me” has just become identified with being a spiritual me. And whether we identify ourselves with being spiritual or unspiritual or even being enlightened, we are still imprisoned by the ego and this is what keeps us feeling separate and in conflict with everything around us.

Even with many valid spiritual practices, the mind finds a way to make it about the ego. I recently taught the meditation technique of witnessing thoughts, and one person wrote in saying how much they are succeeding at witnessing their thinking and their goal was to be in a perfect state of witnessing.

So you see that success oriented sense of me remains, is still powerful. And so what is meant to transcend the ego can end up still being about reinforcing the ego. It is not the meditation technique that is wrong; it is just that we have empowered this sense of being a separate “me” for so long, it is hard to see freedom from it.

So a simple technique to self realization is simply that, to realize the Self, your sense of simply being beyond the ego and let your focus remain on that. So in this moment, close your eyes and become aware of what is here beyond thinking. Become aware of what you are beyond thought. Feel this sense of “I” that is here beyond the thought of “I.”

If you are trying to do it with thinking, you will not experience it. You have to sense what is here beyond the thinking. And in this practice, you will begin to sense that you in fact exist beyond this thinking “me.” You feel that even beyond the idea “I am Sarah” that you still exist, as awareness itself.

This experience of what you are beyond thinking is not solid, does not contain boundaries, yet it is aware or more accurately, it is awareness itself. And as you begin to relax into it you will also sense that the nature of this awareness is peace and love.

And this is the first part of self realization, to realize for yourself what you are beyond your thinking.

Feel yourself existing in this moment, beyond being a person, beyond having a name, beyond the thinker, transcendent any idea of “me” there is still the experience that you exist as awareness itself.

And then once you sense that you are consciousness, fix your attention on the realization that you are consciousness, approach life from this direct experience that you are consciousness. Not the concept that you are consciousness, but the very experience, the absolute feeling in this moment that you are consciousness.

By resting your attention on consciousness, you empower self realization; you empower your true self. You begin to weaken this sense of being bound by the thinking “me” with all of its stress and struggles and begin to experience the oneness you truly are beyond thought. You begin to come into a state of enlightened awareness that is permanent.

This simple path to self realization is something you can practice in sitting meditation but you can also do it during any other time of the day. While working, while you drive, while you walk, while you exercise, even while as you sleep.

But this practice although powerful in itself is usually not enough to attain enlightenment. Usually, the grace of an self realized master is needed.

One who has already attained full self realization actually emits Shakti, the subtle energy of enlightenment. And it is this energy that actually awakens you to self realization. Simply by being close such an enlightened Guru, this Shakti gets transmitted to you and starts to awaken you into deep meditation and samadhi.

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