Meditation... The Present Day Key To Mental Peace
Thousands of years ago, the saints of India gifted a way to life to the people of the world. Though it was not much in practice before but with the increasing chaos in our everyday life, we have to acknowledge the gift of our ancestors. This activity, where we get lost into ourselves for quite some time, in absolute silence, is called meditation. Our lives are now filled with much complexities and worries in this fast world that we live in. These worries get the better of us and leave us under immense stress. As a result, day by day, our thinking capabilities, mental peace and inner happiness are disturbed. Thus we are left in an utter disturbed state of mind. This is when meditation helps. Taking some time out for yourself to let go of all the happenings in the outside world and getting engrossed into your thoughts can be beneficial for your inner peace. Meditation is a process of calming down your mind. The thoughts inside your head settle down and leave your mind blank for some time.

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Benefits Of Meditation
Physical benefits of meditation;

Lowers blood pressure.
Decreases tension related pain like headache, ulcers, insomnia, joint pains.
Increases hormone like serotonin which balances the emotional well being.
The immunity system improves.
The energy level in the body increases as inner energy is acquired through calming your mind down.

Decreases anxiety level.
Stability of emotions increases.
Your mind soars through creativity.
Mental peace averts to increasing happiness.
A strong sense of intuition develops.
You get clarity about your next direction in life.
Immense growth in level of concentration.
You can finally listen to what your inner voice tells you.
Meditation sharpens your mind and gives the ability to focus.
Your problems seem to be manageable and determination increases.


Meditation makes your mind empty. There are no disturbing thoughts to take away your peace during those few minutes. You feel light inside your head and good thoughts are bound to come to your mind.
Meditation brings in positive thoughts. It fills you with hope and the motivation to do better. You start feeling good and spread a positive vibe in your surroundings.
Meditation helps in discovering your inner self. Your mind gets expanded into a much wider horizon, where your limits are further extended. You feel confident and start to feel a new version of yourself, which had been hidden for so long.

Meditation For Anger And Stress Management
Anger, as we know is the worst emotion. It can cause hazards to relationships if expressed in an uncontrolled way. So management of anger, especially nowadays when people are impatient, is very important. The art of managing your anger at the right time comes from meditating. Meditation calms your mind down and makes it think at the right moment. Before you blurt out some wrong words, you will think quickly about the consequences. Meditation teaches you the way to respond, not react. Anger also causes immense stress on our mental health, which as a result increases our blood pressure. The natural therapy of meditation not only looks after your mental health but also takes care of your physical health as these factors are related to each other.

Meditation To Recover From Depression
Sometimes in life, we fail to achieve what we aim for. Even after putting so much effort and time, life does not turn out the way we want it to. In these cases, many times, we can get depressed. Depression is a dangerous mental condition. It cannot be made out externally, but the person going through it gets torn into pieces. It does not mean that a depressed person will cry or be morose all the time. It so happens many times that externally a fit and fine person may be going through depression. It can be slight changes like staying in bed longer, not going out as much or eating less, could be a sign of depression. These minute changes in behaviour are also symbols of depression and must be looked upon. These symptoms generally call for a doctor and medication but these can be naturally aided through meditation. Meditation helps you get clarity. It clears your mind from all the disturbing numb thoughts. It gives you direction in life. You come to know of the reason behind your mental breakdown and can work towards it. The inner peace you gain from meditating strengthens your thinking capacity and gives you a ray of hope to get on with life.

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Simple Meditation Technique
Meditation is like a food for the soul. It heals our mind and body from utter unrest and helps us breathe freshness into us. It can be done at any time of the day, however preferably in the morning before starting your day. A fresh start to your day can help spur you on for the day ahead, it can give you a boost of enthusiasm for the days chores. So, if you are still thinking, skip that part and jump to learning how to meditate in your daily schedule.

Sit with your legs folded on a surface. Search for a quiet peaceful place to sit.
Close your eyes.
Breathe in deeply for some seconds; breathe out with the same span (roughly 3-5 seconds).
Count your breathing inside your head.
All the thoughts that are coming to your mind are free to come. Let them come and go.
Slowly feel your thoughts slowing down.
Repeat this process unless until all your thoughts settle down and you will be left with just the counting.
A soft, serene natural music can be helpful to set up the mood.
Meditation is an age old solution to gain salvation through concentration. It is the simplest form of yoga. A person who meditates regularly will be physically and mentally at peace.

This is just a simply way that i like to meditate myself but there are many other ways you can easily find to get the same benefits. Also don't worry if at first it feels strange or you struggle getting your breathing right. Like anything you will get better with practise.

Thank you for reading.

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I have worked for many years in health and fitness as a personal trainer and strength coach.