Why Meditiate?
Keeping on with daily practises for spiritual enlighmentment, knowing what your tue purpose is, and using that deep sense of agape love to guide your daily activity.

"Better than power over all the earth, better than going to heaven, and better than dominion over the worlds is the joy of the man who enters the river of life that leads to Non-Being." –The Dhammapada (~300 B.C.)

Meditation is the great remover of fear, the breaker down of belief systems that don't serve your higher mind. The liberator from misery and suffering.
Learning to create on a conscious level, there's no getting around the absolute need to first take responsibility for each minute of our experience. To realize the responsibility for your life and your environment is your own. If you believe otherwise, then you are limiting your consciousness to the patterns of a conditioned response of which you are unaware.
Meditiation brings this unconscious thinking to the surface for you to see and release.
As long as you believe your environment to be objective and independent of yourself, then to a large extent you feel powerless to change it, to see beyond it, or to imagine other alternatives that may be less apparent and content yourself with staying within the misery and suffering you might feel
In life you choose and create your own settings or environments; and in this one you chose your parents and whatever childhood incidents that came within your experience. You wrote the script. And you continue to write the script. As confronting as this sounds until you begin to take responsibility for your life in all its facets you leave part of yourself out of the equation, that will take you to a contented understanding of life.
You will often forget all this, however, so when tragedy appears in the script, difficulty or challenges, the conscious self looks for someone or something to blame.You can begin to exert your true creative responsibility on a conscious level when you stop the blame game altogether.
You will find from your meditiation practise that you stop recoiling in the face of suffering, both yours and others'. You stop running from pain, and instead find that you can begin to transform it by simply being willing to take it into yourself and then release it. The real changes start to happen in you, by the simple willingness to get your ego protecting tendencies out of the way. It becomes like radical self honesty, where you unafraid to expose your normal tendencies. You will begin to relax various tensions in the body created through thinking, realizing that there is only one Self feeling all pain or enjoying all success. Why then bother with envy of others, when there is only one Self enjoying the success?
Rejoice in equality consciousness which undercuts pride and arrogance on the one hand, and fear and envy on the other.These traits undermine all joy and equanimity, and must be both looked at squarely and released through practise.
It is essential to find something worthy to admire and respect in all people you encounter this will increase humility and reduces any arroganc you may feel about yourself. Each person is a manifestation of the Divine and therefore a guide and a teacher.
Transending and detaching from one's personal mind, body, emotions, thoughts, and feelings, is an experience that meditiation practise brings, it is in one sense taking your consciousness to a level where you are " a little above the battleground" of your daily mundane experiences where the stimulus response dynamic is in play. However after the experience of meditiation transendence the inclusion of your body and mind/ego then is part of the meditiation experience. As long as you are chasing experiences, including spiritual experiences, from meditiation, workshops, gurus etc you will never rest as the Witness and it is the witness that sends the clues about your transformation and release of lower order thoughts, patterns and concerns to you, as you begin to sit still, and have all things be as they are.
Silently recite the following to yourself realizing the import of each statement

I have a body, but I am not my body. I can see and feel my body, and what can be seen and felt is not the true Seer. My body may be tired or excited, sick or healthy, heavy or light, but that has nothing to do with my inward " I".
I have a body, but I am not my body
I have desires, but I am not my desires. I can know my desires, desires come and go, floating through my awareness, but they do not affect my inward "I".
I have desires, but I am not desires
I have emotions, but I am not my emotions. I can feel and sense my emotions, emotions pass through me, but they do not affect my inward "I".
I have emotions, but I am not emotions
I have thoughts, but I am not my thoughts. I can know and intuit my thoughts, thoughts come to me and thoughts leave me, but they do not affect my inward "I".
I have thoughts, but I am not my thoughts.

When you repeat these affirmations to yourself before during and after meditiation times you will continue to tell your unconscious mind where your putting your attention.
Your attention is now being focused inward. To spirit and the connection you have with the whole or the universal mind. A pure center of awareness, an unmoved witness of all these thoughts, emotions, feelings, and desires.

The determination and perserverance you have toward your meditative practises will bring forth the understanding contained in it, and a quickening will begin with changes in your sense of who you experience yourself as. You begin to reveal the truth to yourself.
You might begin feeling a deep inward sense of joy that is balanced with freedom and fullfilment. This source of love is a place to dive beneath the raging winds of anxiety and suffering that might swirl around you. The discovery of this witnessing center is very much like the cool calm waters of the ocean below a storm . At first you might not get to where you think you would like to be but with determination you may gain the ability to drop to the depths of your soul, and stay still while you gaze at the storm around you.
With practise meditation moves into the everyday where you continue to stay focused and still where the Soul tells you of itself and the thoughts of the ego pass by unheeded.

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Margo Knox is the director at Baby Boomers With Purpose an online course for retirees and over 55's ho are wanting to find purpose and step up to the aging process with understanding humour vitality love and forgiveness
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