Doing mediation in Point Pleasant is defined as techniques that are intended to encourage focused attention and a heightened state of awareness.  It is a consciousness-changing technique.  This technique has been shown to have several benefits on your psychological well-being.  Meditation has been practiced for thousands of years worldwide in various cultures.  Almost all religions have a tradition of using mediative practices.  It can also be used as a psychotherapeutic technique.


Although there are many different types of mediation in Brick, there are two main types.

  • Mindfulness meditation: This type of mediation also includes mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT), and mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR).  These types of meditation can target different issues like depression.  This means that that the focus may be different from practice to practice.  It will involve the state of being aware and involved in the present moment.  You would make yourself aware, open, and accepting.
  • Concentrative meditation: With this type, you would focus all your attention on a specific object.  You would tune out everything around you.  The goal of this meditation really experiences what you are focusing on.  It does not matter if it is a mantra, your breath, or a specific word.  Your purpose is reaching a higher state of being.

Practicing meditation

There are different forms of meditation and ways in which to practice it, but there is a basic form of meditation for beginners to start.

  • Choose a quiet spot that is free from distraction. This means you need to turn off all distractions such as television and your phone.  If you want to play music quietly in the background, use something that is calm and repetitive.
  • Set a time limit of five to ten minutes if you are just starting to practice mediation. You can increase it later if you want.
  • When you start, pay attention to your body and make sure that you are comfortable. You can sit in a chair or even cross-legged on the floor as long as you can stay in that position for at least five minutes or more.
  • Focus on your breathing by taking deep breaths that expand your belly. Slowly exhale and pay attention to how each of your breaths feels.
  • Notice your thoughts as you are doing this. Mediation in Point Pleasant is not really to clear your mind but your mind will wander.  You should instead focus on bringing your attention back to your breath gently if you notice your thoughts are starting to drift.  You do not need to analyze your thoughts but just direct your mind back to your deep breathing.


Meditation in Brick can help you have better stress management skills, improve your emotional well-being, give you relief from headaches, improve your immunity, and so much more.  You should try to meditate at least once a day, either before you start your day or before you go to bed or anytime you start to feel stressed or out-of-sorts.  Once you learn meditation and try it, you will see how beneficial it can be for you.

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