I want to write this from my heart so here it goes. Open yourself to hope, open yourself to true freedom, and open yourself to the right to be your true self. I choose these words to capture your attention to open your mind.

People look for answers in their mind of reason, their mind of ego. They look for self help books they go to gurus, doctors, and places of worship. But the last place they go is their own heart. Does anyone know why? Why don’t you trust your own voice, your own higher self? Can anyone tell me why they cannot listen to the truth that is their heart?

My life has not been the guru’s life. I had no special powers. I cannot make things move with my mind or shape shift. However, my life has been full of life changing situations that have guided me to be who I am today. I will tell you a story that I tell my class: if I went back in time to when I was 21 and my head was on the bar, drunk and someone walked up to me that moment, head on the bar, and said at 46 I would be a meditation teacher, I would have said ‘ok buy me a beer’ and laughed.

As a hopeless, tired, Crohn’s Colitis patient at age 25, 140lbs and 6’3” I put on my wife’s jeans by mistake. I had no hope of a cure. Had someone walked up to me at that point and told me at age 46 I would be 240 pounds, cured of Crohn’s Colitis for 17 years, and teaching a weekly meditation class and offering healing work, I would have shook my head and doubted their words.

I am sharing my life with you to show you each situation that created this person who is speaking to you today. Each challenge and person that has come into my life has helped shape this article that you are reading today. When I began questioning and looking into my heart for the answers, the hope, freedom and power of a better way began to manifest.

Now take a second and look back right now and ask yourself: why am I reading this? What has brought me here? What do I need to learn from this? What do I need to see in my life? Please ask yourselves these questions. Please do it now

My beliefs are that you have your own meditation inside yourself. You are all connected to the universe. You are all capable of doing what I have done. No matter how you learn and choose to still your mind, you are able to put together a life of joy. Stilling your mind makes room for the opportunity of joy in your life.

Meditation is the hand the turns the knob on the door to the universe. It makes the connection between ego and the power of your higher self. I believe that inside of everyone lies the will, and the want, for something better than the life of material and codependence. Let me help you realize the small signs in your life. Why are you feeling this way? How did your life get you on this path and what is your next step? Learn to commune with the universe, open yourself to the possibility of freedom with every breath and feel the connection in every moment. I hope you feel my words and if you have any question for me please go to my web site and contact me. If you have Crohn’s Colitis or any other health imbalance and you want to learn how I cured myself using meditation, please contact me at my web site. www.universalsourcehealing.com Thank you.

Author's Bio: 

Welcome! I’m Robert Stickles. Universal Source Healing has been a vision of mine for several years. Twenty years ago, I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Colitis. For five years, I tried different medicines, went from doctor to doctor, and read all about the disease, thinking that there was something that would help heal me. Then, one day, doctors told me my best and final option was surgery to remove part of my large intestines. But they couldn’t guarantee that the disease would be gone forever. It could come back somewhere else in my digestive system. Suddenly, I was faced with a life altering decision.

What I like to call ‘my new life’ began that day. For the first time in my life, I questioned if what others thought I should do was really the right thing for me. Could others really know what was best for me? I decided to take responsibility for my illness. I made what seemed to be small changes in my life but what actually turned out to be changes that had a big impact on my life. I changed my diet and stopped smoking. But the key for my healing was when I started looking into stress relief, meditation and how the body and mind work with each other. And I learned how to work with my own inner energy of the body to promote my self healing. My life has changed so much since that day at the doctor’s office.

Meditation is and was the first step in my journey. It brought me to realize that it’s this moment that’s important. And that there are many different ways to meditate: visualization, chanting, counting, just sitting quietly, breathing in a certain pattern, just to name a few. Meditating on making my intestines healthy and strong, every morning and evening, made me realize I could be healthy!! And I know it can help others. I love teaching others and offering guidance on how to meditate.

Energy work has also been important in my recovery. I learned about Reiki, a ‘hands on’ healing technique, which has three levels of study. I practiced and studied for several years and became a Certified Reiki Master.

Body Energy Balancing is my creation, a combination of meditation and energy work that has given great relief to those who have experienced it. This treatment is a powerful medicine in and of itself!

Foot Reflexology was a natural next step for me in my search. Realizing that energy was very important in healing, I found it amazing that applying pressure to the feet in specific ways could help relieve tension and help people with medical issues. My clients have positively responded to this treatment and I am a Certified Member of the RCB (Reflexology Certification Board).

I hope that we can work together to help your life be the best it can be!

Sincerely Yours,
Robert Stickles