Physical mediumship offers the highest form of proof of life after death whereby those who have passed on are able to re-appear in solid form, exactly as they were when they lived on the earth. This is done with a physical medium, a person that has developed the ability to produce large amounts of ectoplasm from the physical body. This allows a spirit person to re-form their physical body just as it was on earth, warts and all.

In phone mediumship, the spirit will communicate with the medium via, senses call clairvoyance, clairsentience and clairaudience, this information is then relayed to the querent at the other end of the phone line.

In my opinion physical mediumship is very full on and should only be sought if the querent is full prepared for seeing their loved ones as if ‘in the flesh’ once more.

Spirits appearing in physical mediumship can have any defects that they had on their body, such as missing fingers, scars, and so on. These defects give an added proof to a loved one, who knows that the person is who they say they are, and no fraud is taking place.
There are many facets to physical mediumship. These are direct voice, materialisations, apports, transfiguration, psychic smells, raps, people being touched, levitation of the table and other objects. A medium usually goes into trance but this is not always the case.
With transfiguration the face of a spirit person can be seen forming over the mediums face, or other sitters faces. It is best to do this mediumship in a red light so the ectoplasm can form over the sitters faces without being destroyed. The faces can be very clear at times, with the mediums face completely disappearing. On other occasions many faces can appear over a mediums face quite rapidly but each one is distinct from each other. Features like beards and moustaches can be clearly seen. The hair can change shape and size including the body shape, where it can appear large or small. You need to see it to believe it, it is not an optical illusion. Fingers can extend and diminish in front of ones eyes, not just to one person but all individuals. It is very fascinating to see.
I had was a member of the audience at a trance event in Nottingham, booked through Simply Psychics’ Psychic Medium Dave Wharmby, & what unfolded at the event was astonishing. The little old lady who tranced, firstly changed into a Japanese person (apparently this was her spirit guide) her voice changed and she shrunk down, we were feet away and this was not a parlour trick, various personalities took over her and at the end, she stood and grew to over 7 feet tall whilst her fingers extended out to about half a foot, looking skeletal in appearance, this we were told was spirit giving us evidence there were there.
Many mediums working today on phone lines are much more advanced and have capabilities of transfiguration skills and or indeed physical mediumship, in my opinion they have a stronger link to the spirit side and the result is a much more intense and better medium reading for the seeking client.

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