Admired spiritual shop owner Kayley Rolf is now diving in as the newest publicist in the Twin Cities. Her mission is to assist the Twin Cities in becoming a serious and highly respected hub for creatives and entrepreneurs. She began her journey by teaching herself how to make candles, and the rest, as the cliché goes, is history.


In 2016, Kayley developed a vision to bring everyone together with the common goal of uplifting their city and supporting their creatives. At first, she didn’t know where to start. This was a lofty goal, and she didn’t yet possess the right resources to make this happen. As time went on, this dream ended up getting placed on the back burner. Although she knew it would eventually work out in the way she had envisioned, she turned her attention elsewhere for the time being.

After many years of working on her own spiritual growth and development, Kayley launched her spiritual shop called astrOGvibes in October 2020. She started the business slowly by selling crystals and other products infused with crystals. Through her shop, Kayley envisioned herself not just as a businesswoman but as someone who could help people heal. The business exploded and, in less than a year, she became well known throughout her city and even garnered many national customers.

In the months that followed, Kayley added many spiritual services to her business. She started working with astrology to help her clients gain guidance and support in their everyday lives and help them feel confident with their personal decisions.

Kayley’s spiritual shop provides not only physical collectibles but also abstract experiences and treasured realizations. She emphasizes the importance of mindfulness and meditation in acquiring the ideas and insights a person needs. Learning how to live in a continuous flow state of meaningful, inspired thoughts is a process that takes time, and Kayley would love to share this process with others.

While building her spiritual shop, Kayley’s friend Vanessa had moved to Los Angeles and launched her own company, Sade PR Management. She had spent many years building it from the ground up and has made it a very successful and high-demand business in LA. With Vanessa’s encouragement, Kayley started her own branch of Sade PR Management in Minneapolis, as this is something lacking in the city. This decision became crucial in the further growth of Kayley’s brand and put herself and the city of Minneapolis on the map while bringing her full circle to that dream from 2016.

Mindset development is one of the most valuable offerings of Kayley’s brand. She uses her spiritual gifts by coaching her clients on how to control their thoughts and emotions. Kayley believes that every person’s mindset is crucial to achieving goals and obtaining exceptional results in all activities. With the proper perspective and a clear mind, people, without a doubt, will succeed against odds. In addition to this, Kayley helps her clients build reputable press, a clear branding message, and gain national exposure, which is vital for every creative entrepreneur.

Aside from managing her two businesses, Kayley is currently a full-time student. She’s pursuing degrees in both Psychology and Sociology, both relevant to her scope of work. Aside from these endeavors, Kayley is also busy as a mother taking care of two remarkable children. She doesn’t see any of her endeavors as obstacles to success but instead uses them as inspirations to achieve more extraordinary things in life.

Kayley hopes to see more artists from Minneapolis become popular on a national level through her Minneapolis Sade PR Management branch. As far as astrOGvibes goes, she hopes to see it grow with physical locations in her city and other cities throughout the country. Kayley’s fans can check her Instagram account to learn more about her two businesses and possibly connect and learn directly from her.

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