It's simple to see when a person moves with passion and creativity. Their work is a showcase of the heart and soul. Being able to sense this, the product succeeds past expectations. That is the world of music, where many entrepreneurs and dreamers of all ages hustle to make a living and reach their goals without regard to time, space or even fear. This is what Michael Insigno is all about. Born in Italy, Michael has always had a love for music. Since he was young he has been mixing and producing music. Michael eventually led to remix famous tracks and creating his own music style. Currently, Michael is working on new music projects with many known producers and artists he chooses to keep a secret, for now, to build the anticipation of his fans. In addition to music, he has also built an acting career. Michael's music production has been featured in films & tv shows like Riverdale (2017), After (2019), and Quicksand (2019).

"I have always been into the music business, but I'm open to new business ventures. I have a strong passion for the business world and I'm a firm believer in being true to myself. It takes courage to start a new venture. In every new business, you need to have a strong burning desire to succeed," Michael Insigno shares.

Michael Insigno is inspired by musicians of all genres, which influences hisstyle and drive. He believes that your mindset is the key to being successful and highly advises everyone to make a plan and think about it good and through before entering blindly.

"Fear is something you must overcome. Success inspires me and keeps me going. But success is not a material experience, it is the much higher purpose of seeing yourself getting better and better. I also like the idea ofdifferentiating from the competition, a way to create something uniquewith a particular style," Michael Insigno states.

Michael Insigno's next projects are growing different businesses and brands to expand his portfolio and keep the passion alive. He believes thatfinancial freedom is one of the reasons why people start businesses but passion keeps them working long after the challenges present themselves.

Michael Insigno is truly driven by passion and creativity. He knew since he was a child that he wanted multiple streams of income and just getting a job to pay the bills was not going to make him happy.

Michael Insigno says, "As a businessman and musician it's my vision to exceed even my own expectations while I enter new opportunities with a style that brings value to the marketplace. Without a winners mentality, you will eventually, like so many, quit, and never let the world hear the music inside you."

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