Want to decorate your company or house perfectly to your satisfaction? We can't because of a major thing we consider minor - the staircase. Even if we consider most of the staircase designs UK staircase designs UK service providers are not enough efficient to provide satisfactory services. That's where Ovoms come to play their role.

Ovoms - an established, well-recognized and popular staircase design and installation company. We are committed to providing the best service just accordingly to the instructions of the clients. And fortunately, the overall cost is comparatively lower and if you ask about time we are providing one of the quickest services.

Now let's see some of the most popular staircase types you might desire to set up.

Glass and Wood

First of all the Cluster of wood and glass. Yes, I think you can imagine it. A wooden staircase with curved glasses can beat your normal imagination. It is sleek in design and comes with an aesthetic appearance. So upgrading your entryway with this type of staircase can be great.
So where they are used? Well, they are perfect for corporate offices and modern houses. You can also choose styles that include spiral, floating, zigzag etc.

Floating Minimalist

Another great type is here at an affordable price. If you don't have enough space for the staircase then a floating minimalist design is perfect for you.
Another amazing this is you can customize the design according to your desired style.

The Modern Spiral

Another great design is here to make the guest look twice at the stair. Focused on sophisticated engineering this type of staircase is built with complete dedication to meet perfection.

The staircase is paired with a handrail made of stainless steel that fits your property.

Well, every modern-designed medium-size house is perfect. Also if your office is slightly smaller in size then this type will be the best. So with this type of staircase, you can feel your elegant taste with every taste.

Stairs And Storage

At last, if your dwelling space is short then opt for this type of staircase. Here you can utilize any area for storage and your desired staircase.

Well, aside from the given types another thing is the bespoke staircases Uk or custom type. There the owner can show or provide any customer's design and according to that our experienced staircase specialist builds the staircase.

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Ovoms is the frontrunner in the staircase design and installation industry. Based in central London, we are committed to ensuring our clients get the highest-quality stairs installed at their property within the quickest possible time.