If you ever wondered what it was that made your ex-partner leave you for someone else-they met their emotional needs. You look at the other person and comment how they aren't as beautiful as you or how they don't take care of body as you or anyone else you know so why did he choose her. She met his emotional needs. What are his emotional needs? Why doesn't he mention these needs? What is it that defines an emotional need?

There are several things to do to meet his emotional needs.

• Communication
• Be Decisive
• Relate

Many of these questions can be answered by simple communication. You may fear to communicate because you don't want to hear the truth. The truth hurts but in relationship open communication and honesty is what draws a relationship closer together. You first need to find out what his emotional needs are including making him feel wanted and needed in your life. There is nothing wrong with being Ms. Independent but if the guy feels that you don't need him then he's going to find someone who will make him feel wanted. Communication and connections are what help build a great relationship. If you build a connection then you will notice that the two of you have the same likes and dislikes towards one another.

Consistency is also another key issues. You have to be consistent with your own wants and needs. Part of meeting his emotional needs is also having you stay consistent with your own wants and needs from him. If he feels that you are indecisive and just can't seem to stick to one goal, thought or idea then he will feel lost and confused. In the process he will find himself looking for someone who will want the same things in life or at least wants the same thing for themselves. They will set goals for themselves that are consistent. For example if you say one day you want to go back to school but don't know what you want to major in that is a sign of being indecisive in life. That will affect the relationship and decisions made in the relationship. You have to know what you want or else don't get in a relationship at all.

Relation is how you two see eye-to-eye on issues. How do you relate to one another? Are you two having the same views, beliefs and desires. If you two are thinking differently and seem to argue constantly then all you will end up with is a broken relationship. There needs to be relation in order to connect with one another. Meeting his emotional needs also means having to relate to his needs.

It can't be all about what you want or what only makes you happy. You have to remember that he has needs too. I don't mean his sexual needs even though that is also a part of it but not the main source of it. I mean the needs of wanting to be loved, affectionate, supportive, compromising, compassionate, nurturing and loving. A man's emotional need can also be him feeling nurtured like a mother. Before you say " I am not going to be his mom". I mean him feeling that he is being taken care of without feeling that you are spoiling him or having to feel taken advantage of by him. I mean understanding his negative emotions including depression, stress, anxiety, anger and frustrations. It could relate to his job or decisions in life. Nurture his confusions by helping him get a since of direction or choices. If he needs you that means he wants some form of direction. If you leave it up to him to decide he may direct his decisions in the wrong way.

There are many ways to meet his emotional needs. Communicate and find out what is going on in his head. It may be good or bad but it's best to know the truth. Also Give a sense of direction and help him lead in the right direction. If he feels lost then you have to be his compass. Give direction but do not control his decisions. If you come out to controlling or manipulative then he will feel even more lost and confused. Just as much as you want him to hear your needs...listen to his too. It can make a big difference in the future.


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