As we travel across a continent we inevitably make new friends. Some are just fleeting. Others last a lifetime. At our current campground in southern California we have met and made a new friend who has had quite an impact on both the kids and the adults. Our new friend’s name is Kindle. Actually it’s Morgan and his owner’s name is Kindle. But the kids decided that Kindle was a better name for him.

That’s right; Kindle is an animal – specifically a big yellow tabby cat. Kindle’s main loves are eating and sleeping; or is it sleeping and eating? Anyway this cat has essentially moved in. This is in spite of the fact that my youngest insists on picking him up; throwing him over her shoulder and walking him around the RV. We will be back on the road tomorrow and my oldest daughter is crying because we have to leave Kindle behind. I’m sure that this cat will get over it though.

Kindle’s owners who also own the campground that we are staying in told us that this sort of behavior is par for the course for their pet. Once Kindle crawled into a boat that was being towed by campers staying here. He wasn’t discovered until these fishermen were well offshore. But Kindle didn’t seem to mind a bit. Eventually they brought him home again. The owners told us that they fully expect their cat to one day drive off with some oblivious campers; never to be seen again.
We will never forget our new friend. The experience reminds us of the cat that we left back home when we began our trip this past summer. Oh well, another journey and more friends are just ahead.

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