Meeting your spirit guide and guardian can be a very emotional and moving experience.  It can be a milestone in your
psychic development.  You will realize that you are not walking lifes path alone.  Everyone has a guide and guardian.  Meeting and working with our guides is a very different and personal experience for each of us.

 We all have many guides throughout our lives.  Each shows up as they are needed.  The guide we are going to meet is your main guide.  He is the one who acts as the door keeper while we do our
psychic work.  He is the one who we ask for guidance and protection.  He has access to the higher powers and the higher realms where the universal knowledge is kept.

This is the meditation that I was led through the first time I met my spirit guide and guardian.  I would suggest that you have someone you trust read this for your or read it into a tape player and play it back. 

Meditation for Meeting Your Spirit Guide and Spirit Guardian

1.    Make sure that you are in a relaxed position.  No tight clothing and a firm connection to the floor.  You now have the universe energy coming from the sky into your crown charka and a flow of energy from the earth into your feet

2.    Take 3 deep cleansing breaths.  See a white light that goes through your body and picks up all negative energy and when you exhale it goes to the universe to be cleaned. 

3.    Go through the steps you use to relax the parts of your body. Make sure your mind stays relaxed and alert.  This is an active meditation. You dont want to fall asleep.

4.    Now, in your minds eye, go to your magical workroom, or sacred space.  This is a place where only you and your guides can go.  When you get to the door there is a box.  Take this box and place in the box all of your worries. Close the lid. Leave them outside the door. 

5.    Look around the room.  This is your space.  See it as you would like it to be.  Take time to look around.  Find a door at one end of the room.

6.    Open the door and see a very long hallway.  There are doors on the right and left side going down the hall.  It is so long that you cannot see the end.

7.    Step through the doorway and walk down the hall.  You see the doors as you pass but are not concerned with them now.

8.    You see some very large gold doors at the end of the hall.

9.    As go to these gold doors and place your hand on them, they swing open.

10. Inside everything is fog.  You cannot see anything...

11. You reach your hand into the fog and connect to a hand.  It becomes visible to you.

     12. Look at the hand.  Is it a male hand or a female hand? Look at the arm.  Is it male or female, thin or muscular, clothed or bare?  As you start to look further more is visible to you.  You see the shoulder.  What does it look like to you?  You look up a little further and see a head.  Does it have hair?  What color?  Is it male or female?  Look at the face.  What type of mouth, chin and cheeks?  Now look at the eyes?  You immediately feel the overwhelming love with this person.  Is this person human or from somewhere else?  You know immediately that they have been with you forever.  This is your spirit guide.  A guide travels with us through each lifetime.  They are always there for us waiting for us to call on them for their help.  Take a moment to talk to your guide.  Ask what name you should call them by.  You may get a nameif you dontdont worry you can call a guide by the feeling you have for them alone.  Ask your guide any questions you have.  If there is a special message for you, if they are there for a special purpose etc. This is your guide.  You may hug them or kiss them or anything you feel moved to do. 

13. Move to the right and put you hand back into the fog again and repeat the process.  This time the hand you find will be your guardian.  When you meet him/her look into his eyes and feel the love connection. 

14. Ask your guide and you guardian to come back with you.  Take their hands and walk back down the hall and enter your workroom.  They are the only ones you will ever find there.  If you ever need the help or protection of your guide or guardian you can come here and call on them. 

15. Take another look around and see if anything has changed. 

16. Now it is time to come back to waking.  Know that your guides are always there for you.  Call them anytime you need them.

 Now go through your meditation process of coming back
to the waking state.  If you feel really strong emotions upon coming
back do not hold them in. This is a very moving experience for some

Author's Bio: 

Jackie Williams has worked for as a manager overlooking the talent department for a prominent new age communications company. Later as the internet developed, she diversified her recruitment specialty to server global clients for a internet based spiritual network.
She attained her Master of Arts in Anthropology from Northern Arizona University and her BA from Hunter College.