The packaging industry is one of the major contributors of India’s economy. Known to be the fifth largest sector in the country, it is touted to claim its position further up in the economic graph.

Many packaging industries had to step up their game to meet the rising demand for hygienic packaging services and solutions.One of the companies that stood up during these challenging times by providing innovative packaging solutions to its clientele is Megaplast India Pvt. Ltd.

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Megaplast was incorporated in 2007.Gaurav Jain spearheads the company as its Director. Megaplast initially started with manufacturing plastic bags. It has been exporting to leading retailers around the world.The company’s focus has always been on its valued customers.

Out of the Shadows

Megaplast is an ISO 9001 certified company. “Our laboratories are NABL certified for ensuring quality,” shares Gaurav. To stand out in the ever-growing Industry of Geomembranes or Packaging, the company’s core USPs have always been – consistent quality, timely delivery, and the fact that the team of Megaplast always vouches for its products.

Offering a Wide Variety of Products

Megaplast India provides its clients with an excellent range of products. The company’s aim is to deliver lasting customer experiences through its excellent products. Some of the different range of products offered by the company includes the following:

The Pandemic Dynamic

Currently, the biggest challenge is collecting plastic waste. Another major challenge is educating people on not throwing plastic into water bodies and the environment in general. To make the Indian plastic industry sustainable environmentally, plastic once collected needs to be recycled. India has a robust plastic recycling industry, and it is expected to grow remarkably.

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