The 'Stone of Growth', supports and guides all beings through journeys of
growth and development.

Menalite encourages learning and developing for the growth of the mind, body and soul. A stone that brings great support and guidance universally to all through out the journey of life.

Menalite can be especially helpful to the being that may have learning
difficulties, bringing an ease of flow between the being and subject.
Alongside this, Menalite is helpful in strengthening the ability to develop
the mind, body and soul, also "removing" any possible disability that may be present, helping in as many ways that it can at the given time.

This stone will make a beneficial support to increase fertility and also
during pregnancy as it encourages the body to help the unborn child to
develop healthily. Keep Menalite close by for this as a talisman or charm.

Also a stone that will then continue to support healthy growth and
development to the baby after its birth, and during its early months and
years. Keep the stone safely out of reach of the child at all times. Simply
having the stone close to the parent and asking for its support will still
be beneficial.

Menalite is helpful for lactation and also settles the hormonal balance
during and after pregnancy. This offering also works well during puberty and the menopause.

This is a stone that can help to stabilise many neurological conditions, and can also lower the power of seizures. Menalite calms hyperactivity,
Attention deficit disorder and unnecessary emotional outbursts. Menalite can also ease away outbreaks of Acne and other hormonal related skin upsets.

A stone that can act as a close support during times of distress, grievance,
anxiety and strained mental health. Menalite will bring forth great comfort
and guide the being towards a lighter path. Alongside this, Menalite can be a great help in the same way to those who are wishing to break unhealthy and harmful habits such as drug and alcohol abuse, self-harm and alike.

Menalite helps to bring forth new beginnings and re-birth. It is a stone
that can be a great support and guide to any being who feels the need to
heal the self and move onto brighter pastures. Menalite is very helpful to
the being who wishes to let go of the old and move into the new, supporting healthy growth and development for a better future.

This stone can be a comfort to the being that has suffered past abuse, and
has come to the point of healing the self and starting a new path in life.
Menalite can be particularly helpful to the female in such situations, who
wish to re-gain a sense of femininity.

Menalite helps the being to connect to spirit ancestors and spirit guides of
the animal kind. It is a stone that can make a useful partner during
meditation, astral travel and during communications with higher realms.

As well as this, Menalite supports and guides the being in connecting back to the true-self. Also helping in soul retrieval and soul remembrance.

A stone that teaches of how out of the old can come the new, and how out of the bad can come the good. Melanite reminds of the journey of the soul and the cycle of life, showing the great benefits and value that comes with
self-development and continual but steady learning.

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Author's Bio: 

My name is Keith Birch. I am a crystal healer, teacher and Reiki Master. I am passionate about natural crystals and their amazing healing properties. My strong passion is to bring crystals into people’s lives so everyone can benefit from their beauty and power.