Hormones are the essential chemical elements that have various kinds of physiological activities in our body. They produce from the endocrine gland and work for a particular body function. Our body needs a proper amount of different types of hormones. Without secreting a proper amount of hormones the physiological functions of our will be restricted. Hormones work for keeping the body healthy. Melanotan II is one of the hormones which have a particular role in our body. Actually it is a synthetic analog of the peptide hormone. It became beneath improvement as a drug candidate for female sexual dysfunction and erectile dysfunction however medical improvement ceased by using 2003, and as of 2018, no product containing Melanotan II became advertised and all business development had ceased. Unlicensed, untested, or fraudulent products sold as "Melanotan II" are determined on the internet, and supposed to be effective as "tanning drugs", even though side consequences including uneven pigmentation, new nevi (moles), and darkening or expansion of current moles are common and have brought about scientific authorities discouraging use. Melanotan ii acts as a non-selective agonist of the melanocortin receptors mc1, mc3, mc4, and mc5. Melanotan also works for treating skin problems.

To the quantity that Melanotan II produces melanogenesis, that is ideal to be caused by activation of the mc1 receptor, whereas its clinically documented sexual effects are idea to be related to its potential to prompt the mc4 receptor (although the mc3 is a concept to likely also be worried). Research inside the early Sixties confirmed that in rats, management of α-msh brought about sexual arousal, and work in this continued in lots of labs up through the Eighties, while scientists at college of Arizona started attempting to increase α-msh and analogs as capacity sunless tanning dealers, and synthesized and tested numerous analogs, together with Melanotan-I and Melanotan II.

Very early inside the manner one of the scientists, who became engaging in experiments on himself with an early device compound, Melanotan II, injected himself with twice the dose he supposed and were given an eight-hour erection, in conjunction with nausea and vomiting. To pursue the tanning agent, Melanotan-I (now known as afamelanotide) was licensed with the aid of competitive technology, an era transfer corporation operating on behalf of the college of Arizona, to an Australian startup known as epitan, which changed its call to clinuvel in 2006.

To pursue the sexual dysfunction agent, Melanotan-ii turned into licensed by means of competitive technology to palatin technologies. palatin ceased development of Melanotan-II in 2000 and synthesized, patented, and started out to increase Bremelanotide, a likely metabolite of Melanotan-II that differs from Melanotan-II in that it has a hydroxyl institution where Melanotan-II has an amide. Aggressive technology sued palatin for breach of the settlement and to try to claim possession of bremelanotide; the parties settled in 2008 with palatin keeping rights to bremelanotide, returning rights to Melanotan-II to aggressive technologies, and paying $800,000. Bremelanotide has become authorized to be used inside the US. Via the food and drug management (FDA) in June 2019 beneath the brand name vallesi to deal with hypoactive sexual desire disease (hsdd).

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