I am Melek Metatron. With the words OMAR TA SATT I greet you as what I am: the Eye of God.

With the entire love of the light embedded in the glow of the radiance of the Divine Thought Field I turn towards you, my dear divine human being on Earth. Thinner and thinner the veils are becoming, and, more than any word it is the energy that can pour in at such gatherings and touch your soul. Because of that we use these times in order to bring the highest energetic patterns into you and to embed them so that they lift you up and let you feel deeper who you are. Today you will receive highly energetic transmissions of the attributes of the Avatar on Earth that you are. Before we begin and you inhale the light into yourself, call your chakras together, unify them, we will ground you on all levels.

When Melek Metatron speaks you already feel the strength and stability that this energy releases. You receive so many gifts. Open your heart by putting your intellect aside to be able to accept these energetic gifts. While you go into the deep intention of your Self, consciously turn towards your divine light. The first gift will be the drops of blessing from the Divine Thought Field that open you to the transmissions by the high lights. For, more than any word it is very important at this time that you understand and feel what the energies of the divine Reality mean to you. For more and more and deeper the energy of the divine Reality pours into you. Often it is the small differences that cause you to feel better. I will name you just one example. Joyfully await the ascension, but do not wait for the ascension. Recognize the difference in the energy of these words. When you feel empty call it peace. Feel this emptiness as what it is: the deep peace in you that expands and arrives. See yearning in you as what it is: a striving for higher awareness. Serving the other human being you meet and who comes to you with your abilities. Structure your different feelings in you and occupy yourself with this. Try to judge them differently for everything that pours into you is the energy of the divine Reality. It spreads and it also transforms once more the collective energies that you sometimes absorb. Even if you feel weak at certain times the energetic patterns that flow into you and that we embed are the patterns that will let you become strong and powerful in your work and in your being at the end of the day.

Understand these differences for there are only small differences left, particularly with you who are developing yourselves consciously so much. Everything is mixing. More and more it is the divine Reality that is arrivng. In spite of that you are moving in your everyday life with sleeping human beings around you. Do not feel lonely, for you are not alone. You will feel this deeply during the transmission from Jesus Christ that you will receive today. Pay attention to each word that you speak and pay attention to your feelings at the same time. Confusion is an energy that carries you onto higher levels in the divine Reality. But you need clarity in order to come to grips with your everyday life. These are the challenges when the energy of the divine Reality pours in as strongly as it does in these times. Thus receive the drops of blessing now that open you, that raise you, expand you and prepare you for the transmissions that we have chosen to bring you today. Lay your hands on the heart and receive the drops of blessing from the divine Source.

{Sounds from the divine Reality are played.}

More than ever before it is important to allow the changes that are showing themselves with you. It helps you and leads you into a field that will show itself full of joy and beauty. You are in a deep intention now, deeply connected with your divinity, all your channels are open, and first we will transmit the energy of human love. Thus I call Angel Chamuel. But I, Melek Metatron, the Eye of God, will stay with you with my energy in order to powerfully support all the energies that are being transmitted to you.

I am Angel Chamuel. I am love itself and I transmit the energies of love to you. For you on Earth human love, human friendship, the love for your family, the love for the collective is very important. It means to look at each other and to accept that everyone is following his path, not to restrict anyone, to respect and honor the divinity in each human being. Prepare yourself for the pouring in of Angel Chamuel.

While this is taking place the love bond that has been tied is made to vibrate. Thus the energy of love begins to flow, and let yourself be told: we love you so immeasurably. Love is stronger, higher and more lightful than any other energy. For love is God and God is in you. When you pass on this love on the human level be attentive, understanding, be giving and also allow yourself to take. Look at each other and recognize the love, perhaps for a single human being, in a deep friendship, in a human love, in a relationship with one another, for your small personal family, for the big family that you belong to, that unites, connects and carries you. Feel the deep, deep transmission of the energy.

I am Lady Nada. I greet you with the words OMAR TA SATT. I will transmit the energy of joy to you. The energy begins to flow. Joy also comprises to enjoy your development, the extension and expansion, to occupy yourself with your abilities, to serve by using them for the human beings. Receive the energy of joy, of cheerfulness. For when you feel the joy in yourself you will be able to experience everything so much easier. Joy is a very high energy. Sometimes you feel sad. But behind this sadness, when you change and transform it, you will see that the energy of joy, when it arrives, exhilarates you and allows you, allows you at last, to take everything you are entitled to, that you will not feel small anymore but tall. Joy is all-embracing. All kinds of energies belong to joy, also the joy that you are so brave to develop yourself higher and higher spiritually. The energy of joy is flowing into all your aspects, and Melek Metatron, the Lord of Hosts, embeds these energies.

I am Seraphis Bey. I greet you with the words OMAR TA SATT and with all my love I ask you to open yourself to the energy of abundance that I will let pour in now. Permit yourself to accept this energy, abundance in all areas. You may accept this abundance, for on your planet the law of balance between giving and taking is in force. Permit yourself, when you are standing at the human beings's side, helping them with your abilities, to take a balance so that you can plan your life in freedom and carefreeness. Permit yourself to accept this abundance, and Seraphis Bey is sending very strong currents of this energy.

I am who I am. I am who I have always been. I am who I shall always be. I am Jesus and I speak to you, my dear divine human being. I send you the energy of security, the knowledge that you are not alone, that I am with you, I accompany you and am turned towards you with all my love with each breath. Feel this security, these energy currents that I am sending to you. For when you feel security many of your fears are transformed. Let yourself fall, even in situations that may not be easy. Go into my hands and know, I will catch you, I am with you. Together we are following this path. I am very close to you. As the veils are very thin you can feel the presence of Jesus much deeper. It is as though it were tangible, the security, the Prosonodo Light, the Eleua Energy. You are divine. I love you so much.

I am Ashtar Sheran. God be with you, OMAR TA SATT, my dear lightworker and Pioneer of the New Age. I let the energy of peace pour into you. Peace means strength. Peace means to go into action. When you feel the peace in yourself the impression you give to the outside will change. The energy of peace is a very powerful energy. Sometimes you feel dissatisfied with yourself. Make peace with yourself, for just as you are you are right and good. Do not be so strict with yourself. Only then will you really realize how powerful and wonderful you are. You do not attain this state with dissatisfaction, but with peace. Though there may be situations in your everyday life in which you are dissatisfied, be so wise and realize that the situation will not get better through dissatisfaction. Only when you make your peace can new paths open themselves. The gates of change will open because you allow this peace in yourself. This is possible, for the energies are pouring onto your planet very intensively. We have transmitted highly energetic energies to you. Feel these and feel the power of Melek Metatron that accompany these energies. We have carried out these transmissions because you very often are in the divine Reality but also are in the duality. Sometimes you feel a chaos of feelings in yourself and do not know how to classify these feelings. Through these transmissions you will have more clarity about your feelings. Let me tell you once more with complete clarity: Behind each feeling that is unpleasant for you stands a higher feeling, an energy that resolves everything when you are ready for it and carry the peace in yourself.

Melek Metatron has said it in his message with one single sentence. The differences between the energies are very subtle. Melek Metatron said: Joyfully await the ascension, but do not wait for the ascension. For when you go into a position in which you are waiting, then you are standing still. Joyfully awaiting leads you into the abilities and carries your light to the outside. For then your soul has given you the impulse that these times help you to continue to prepare yourself and bring your abilities to the human beings.

We are directing our focus to the Earth very much at the moment and many of you come to visit me. I feel very connected with the human beings, connected with you. You are being loved immeasurably.

Author's Bio: 

Sabine Sangitar Wenig is a clairaudient medium who, after many years of preparation for her current task, has founded 'Kryonschool - Spiritual Course of Awakening'. In addition she gives a public channeling in Rosenheim, Germany, once a month which is also published on the Kryonschool website.