Melt blowing is a conventional fabrication method of micro and nano fibers where polymers use high-velocity air or another appropriate force or speed blowing gas to attenuate the filaments. Melt blown is a process developed in 1951 by Naval Research Laboratories and commercialized by Exxon Chemical in an effort to develop organic microfibers of less than 1 micrometer in diameter.
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Melt blown is a process in which microfiber output is with a diameter ranging from as little as 0.1 microns to as large as 15 microns
Melt blown fabric raw material
The main focus of Meltblown suppliers has been directed to Surgical Face Masks, there are many other applications for the face masks.
“the face masks are made from a double layer of jersey knit fabrics, with elastic ear loops.”

Primary Applications to Consider for Melt blown Products
The primary uses of Melt-blown fabrics and other innovative approaches are as follows:
Currently, Melt blown fabrics are the single largest market. Meltblown nonwoven fabric in Noida are porous; they can filter liquids and gases. Their application includes surgical face masks, liquid filtration, gas filtration, cartridge filters, clean room filters, water treatments, masks, and air conditioning filters.
Medical Fabrics
Melt blown nonwoven fabrics are the largest segments of the medical markets. Uses of melt blown non-woven fabrics are in making disposable gowns, drapes, and sterilization wraps.
Meltdown materials can retain liquids several times their own weight. Those materials that are made from polypropylene are ideal for collecting oil contamination.
Hygiene products
The high absorption of melt-blown fabrics is exploited frequently in feminine sanitary napkins, diaper top sheets, and disposable adult incontinence products.
Oil adsorbents
Picking up oil from water when an accidental oil spill is a common use for Melt blown fabrics. They have used formats in machine shops, and industrial plants also.
Sometimes, Meltblown supplier in Noida fabrics are used in battery separators and as insulation in capacitors.
Melt blown fabrics have three qualities that help to make them useful for clothing, especially in a harsh environment: thermal insulation, relative moisture resistance, and breath ability. Disposable industrial apparel and substrates for synthetic leather are the primary uses for Good quality melt blown fabric in Noida in other markets anticipated to grow.
Drug Delivery
For controlled drug delivery, Melt blowing can produce drug-loaded fibers. The new formulation techniques that make a melt blowing process promising are the high drug throughput rate (extrusion feeding), solvent-free operation, and increased surface area of the product.
Melt blown fabrics are certain to be a bright future. The applications of Melt blown non-woven fabrics are wide with characteristics such as softness, porosity, and rigidity. As technology grows, the opportunities to include melt-blown fabrics in more products will continue to increase.

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