Are you currently sabotaging your relationship and don't even realize where you've gone wrong? This is a common mistake of many women who are unsuccessful in their relationships.

Needless to say, you should do something different if you wish to change and improve your relationship. Attempt a more honest technique of conversation as opposed to trying to be the "perfect woman" and concentrating so much on doing good deeds to melt his heart. Which, by the way, hasn't wraped up his attention as of yet.

There are numerous tremendously nice things that you could do for that special man in your life to let him understand how much you care, for instance:

* Make an enjoyable date made up of activities that he should enjoy and other than him negotiating the particulars, do this all yourself. Make the arrangements, drive to the targeted destination and pay the bill for the date.

* Know how to BBQ. Fellas go cuckoo over barbequed food products. Heck, they've even been known to ride out freezing temperatures to enjoy a barbequed steak in the dead of winter.

* You can demonstrate that you understand his love for his car by making a scheduled appointment to have the car detailed.

* Obtain that electronic gadget or thingamajig that he has had his eye on.

* Working on one of the duties that he typically does around the house. For instance, if he commonly presides over mowing the lawn, decide to get out of work early sometime to cut the lawn before your fellow arrives home.

You've been working extreemly hard endeavoring to turn into the perfect woman. Your housekeeping passes the white glove test, your meals are absolute perfection and regularly on time. And after all this, your energy and efforts go virtually unnoticed.

If you want him to notice you, you'll want to be uninhibited and tell him in a firm but personal way, just what it is that you yearn for. If you want to have him look at you from a different standpoint, simply be truthful. No obscure meanings, no innuendo. Men prefer that.

For instance, if he asks you what you want to do for dinner, don't teeter with "I don't know, whatever you want," and after that sulk simply because he chose a local fish fry and you actually had your taste buds set for Italian.

It happens to be more beneficial to say, "Tonight I think I could go for Italian. What do you think?" This provides your man something to work with and he won't be wondering later what he did wrong in as much as you're probably not really eating or chatting with him.

If there's one trait that men revere more than anything else in a sweetheart, it's credibility. That may seem absolutely mind-numbing to you, but it's positively monumental to him. Honesty means more to a man than most women realize.

Exhibiting to your fella that he can very well have faith in you to be honest with him at all times is going to do miracles to melt his heart.

One of the beneficial effects and struggles of bona fide relationships is that they come to be second nature and every now and again, start to feel a little less meaningful.

Communicate with him about this and make clear that you feel the need for a pinch more attention to the relationship. Notify him as to what you wish to be different, instead of putting an emphasis on what he may be doing wrong.

Once you begin connecting with his heart in this manner, he'll be more chivalrous and devoted to you. He could even get around to sharing what he feels with you.

You can still go and do some of those nice things, just put more focus on being honest and letting him know that you hanker for his attention.

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