Why do so many people struggle to succeed?
Why do so many of us fall short of the potential we know we have?
Why do we keep repeating the same steps hoping for different results?

You first have to remove the mental blocks you keep stumbling over. You will recognize them but you must take action to remove them.

1. I don’t have or can’t get enough money to move forward
2. I don’t have the knowledge and know-how to take the next steps
3. I don’t know where to start or what to do next
4. I don’t know if my timing or idea is wrong
5. I don’t know if I will make a mistake or, even worse, several mistakes
6. I don’t know if I can put in the effort required
7. I don’t know who to turn to if I need help or get in trouble

The first step is determining if your fears are real. Most people’s fears are much greater than they are in reality. In our minds, we all blow up our concerns to 4-5 times what they really are. Thus, we create very boulders from small blocks. We can step over the blocks but can not see a way around the boulders.

In other words, it’s between your ears!!

Step two, find a trusted resource that can help you and advise you as needed. Be careful who you select and do not be afraid to pay a high price for the best advice. The best people are not cheap but their advice is worth 10 times that of someone who charges less. Example, someone quotes you $100 per hour and someone quotes you $500 per hour. Easy choice, right? Yes, it is. If the $500 per hour person gives you 10 times the value then the rate is cheaper than the $100 per hour person.

I have found that the value of the best people is closer to 100 times that of average advisors. You can do the math. By the way, excellent advisors are more efficient too!! Add that to the value equation.

Step three, put your focus and energy into the right tasks and stop doing meaningless work that does not lead directly to your desired result. Most people spend far too much time on ineffective tasks that fill up their day but result in no meaningful results or actions.

Step four, become a life-long learner. The most successful people are life-long learners. That means self-educating as much as possible by reading books, going to seminars, and meeting with those more successful than you. You can learn a lot from others who have done more than you have.

Step five, ACT! One of the greatest differences between those that reach the top and those that do not is “taking action”. Once you have the information you need you must act. If you are 100% risk averse you should keep your day job and stop day dreaming about being an entrepreneur because you are doomed for failure. You must be willing to act and move forward. Learn from your mistakes but do not dwell on them…otherwise those pebbles will turn into boulders!

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Stephen A. Burgess is the Co-Founder of Eureka ! Opportunity Mine, an organization providing entrepreneurs a wide range of business training, coaching, products and support for a lifetime. He is also Co-Founder of OnLineBizHQ.org, dedicated to providing real online and home-based business opportunities to current and future entrepreneurs. Steve is a noted speaker and a #1 Best Selling author. He is also a Principal of Global Marketing Resources, a firm providing online and offline marketing strategy, programs and execution to businesses of all sizes.

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