The internet is buzzing about app. With the recent launch of its own marketplace: meMarket, the app has taken a major step in become the first digital ecosystem that combines a social network (meNetwork), payment service (mePay) and, of course, marketplace. digital network distinguishes itself as a platform that is built on mutually beneficial partnerships between users, businesses and the network.

At first glance, meMarket might seem like just another e-commerce platform. After all, shopping online is nothing new, right? However, the way meMarket is integrated into the app’s social network takes online shopping to a new level and creates a whole new form of trading: social commerce.

This article will introduce you to meMarket and take a closer look at how the marketplace works together with the app’s social network and payment service.

What is meMarket and how is it unique?

meMarket is a marketplace on that lets users buy goods directly from their newsfeed, sell different products by simply posting items on their profile, rate the sellers they bought from, and ask questions about products and discuss shipment details with sellers directly. meMarket is not a separate product but rather part of an ecosystem. Network users automatically have access to the marketplace and can instantly make purchases or showcase products of their own when they join digital network.

meMarket allows users to engage in all areas of commerce:

• User to user (C2C)
• Business to user (B2C)
• Business to business (B2B)

All transactions and payments are made using ME Token -'s own cryptocurrency, which has already been listed on the CoinAll exchange. Since the token was listed on the exchange in February of this year, ME has experienced a value increase of 1200%. Being backed by a currency that is growing both in value and popularity is key to meMarket’s success.

How does meMarket benefit individual users?

The first thing the marketplace gets rid of is the need to use third-party services and applications in order to make purchases. The entire process of buying and selling is consolidated within a single ecosystem. In fact, by having a marketplace and social network in one app, users can purchase products directly from their newsfeeds. Thus, users can sell items directly from their personal profiles on and by using the internal currency, ME Token, the need to for third-party payment systems similarly becomes unnecessary.

meMarket also allows you to rate sellers and businesses, creating a secure trading environment. In this way, a transparent system of relationships is built, which fosters honest and efficient transactions. By the same measure, sellers no longer need to make any additional efforts to build a positive reputation. Instead, trust us built organically with customers. Ask questions about products and discuss shipment details with sellers directly.

The marketplace is also great for newbies. Whether you are a new or experienced, the user-friendly interface ensures that no developer or marketing skills are required to run a full-fledged online store on

When it comes to shopping, let’s users save by earning up to 50% of ad-generated revenue from the network based on their social rating and activity. With the rewards users receive they can shop!

How does meMarket benefit businesses?

The use of third-party payment services is something consumers find annoying, but its actually no better for businesses either. Payment services may not work in some countries or charge excessive commission feed. This is naturally discouraging for potential buyers and therefore bad for business.

Thanks to ME Token, users are free from these inconveniences. ME functions as a universal currency within the ecosystem and is used for all transactions. Buyers no longer need to transfer funds to third-party accounts to pay for products.

All this significantly reduces the number of actions necessary to make a purchase. Users are less likely to get lost giving businesses and brands faster conversion from advertising to purchasing.

Social commerce as the next big thing

With all this, it really looks like social commerce is going to change the way we buy and sell. Apps that stay ahead of the game like are gaining a competitive edge and many users are predicted to migrate to newer and more comprehensive commerce solutions.

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