2020 was a year that forced us to make changes we didn’t want and wouldn’t have chosen to make, and we made them anyway. It was a year filled with disappointments, loneliness, disruption, and heartache for many, and we survived. It shined a spotlight on areas of our life that weren’t working and needed changing and those that were stronger than we realized. It threatened our main sources of security, our health, employment, and relationships. It amplified our fears, tested our faith, and showed us we were more resilient than we ever thought we could be. It was a year we will never forget.

As the year comes to an end, I’m reflecting on my 2020 experiences to grasp the deeper meaning of what this year was all about, because it just seems like there must be some deep meaning or significant lesson learned from living through a year like this, and the song “I’m Still Here” by Stephen Sondheim and sung by Shirley McClain in the movie “Postcards from the Edge” popped into my head. I love that song because it’s about resilience.

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Rita is a Wife, Mother, Business Owner, Author, Professor of Business Transformation and Innovation, & a Thought Leader to Fortune 500 executives.

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Rita Burgett-Martell is the author of two books: Change Ready! and Defining Moments.
The practical guidance Rita provides is based on her thirty years of professional experience as an organizational change consultant to Fortune 500 clients and career coach to more than 11,000 individuals, plus her own experience of embracing the unknown to completely reinvent her own life from that of an 18-year-old uneducated housewife in Nashville, Tennessee to an international change strategist and thought leader to C-level and senior executives.