Situated in the heart of Africa, a most stunning spot to hangout this country will present you the mesmeric beauty of nature and wildlife that an eye always desires to see. The coastline of Ghana that serves as the signature of the country; punctuated by sparkling beaches, ruined forts and fishing villages can be a memorable visitation while being in Ghana.
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Best season to visit Ghana: if you are initiating your tour from UK then you already know that the weather of UK is almost all around the year cold and hardly bright winters can be seen. However, it totally gets contrasted when it comes to Ghana. Very much alike Africa, Ghana’s weather is hot all year round with seasonal rains. Pack the lightest stuff you have for wearing as the blistering hotness may compel you to sit at your couch in your hotel especially when you are from a cold territory of UK.
Ghana is all around the year destination so hardly can be found quite. Tourists love to visit the culture and tradition of this country while enjoying a lot of other stuff. However, the best time to visit Ghana is between September and December when it is cold in Ghana but not for the ones who visited it from UK.
Airlines serving flights to Ghana form UK: There are some of the major airlines that offer flights from UK to Ghana. All of these airlines are somehow same services along with little differences. For example, British Airways is known for offering complementary snacks during their flights whereas welcoming drinks are served in Lufthansa and Air Canada. Iberia does cost you less for flights but in peak season, they charge for the luggage that can increase your total paying fare.
Dos and don’ts in Ghana: Ghana is the country full with traditions, norms and customs and its people are somehow strict in following them. If you are visiting Ghana for the first time and have booked your flight in the last minutes then probably you don’t get the time to even search about the dos and don’ts while being in Ghana. But no worries at all as here at Elite travels you will be provided with all of the basic information that you require to pursue your spree in Ghana and finally declaring it as a successful one.
Food is something that describes the culture of a country so as the etiquettes to eat it. Ghanaians are strict in following rules especially when it comes to food. If you are in a bar then getting drunk is okay but getting noticeably intoxicated in public is considered normless.
Eating with left hand is considered bad as in the religion Islam where eating with the right hand is an appropriate table manner.
Pay bill after eating at a restaurant if you are the one who invites the gathering.
Paying respect to elders is a universal norm but in Ghana you have to be more careful. If you are wearing a hat then do remove it while talking to an elder as it is considered respectful in that way.
Dressing modestly but not too casually is the right thing to do in the country. Shorts, and sleeveless shirts are okay to wear but some of the old people may find it offensive as well. If you plan to travel towards the Northern part of Ghana, then dress more properly as the majority of the population there is Muslim especially women have to wear an appropriate dress that must be not too revealing.
If you are going for a formal meeting then business suit has to be the dress code however for a semi- formal meeting, casual lightweight cotton suits will work fine.
Ghanaians are hospitable and friendly people so when an outsider visits their home, he will be offered a drink (water, juice or cola) and then purpose of his arrival will be questioned. Want it or not but drinking a sip or two is considered good.

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