Mixed weddings are on a rise in our country thanks to a large number of young people who are leaving their traditional place to go out in search of a suitable job. Recently, I had to organise such a mixed wedding for my daughter. We are from Gujrat and the groom was from Delhi and it was decided that we will go for a destination wedding where the main event would be organised in the tranquil backwaters of Kerala. As the place of wedding was in a far off place, we decided to hire a wedding planner so that everything goes ahead without a hitch. There are many wedding planners in Delhi and after comparing the prices of a top few based on their reputation in the market, we finally chose one.
After hiring the services of the wedding planner, it felt like a huge load was removed from our shoulder. The wedding planner did all the planning, arranged for our tickets and also booked hotel rooms and wedding venue for us in Kerala. Top destination wedding planners in india are a tribe of their own (in any state) and it requires an expert wedding planner with years of experience to get a good deal out of them. For this, we were very thankful to the company that organised the successful wedding event of our daughter in a beautiful location in Kerala.
As the expert who was planning the event had years of experience in this field, he had contacts of many well-known wedding designers in India. He suggested to us a few names who can understand our taste and create the theme wedding just the way we desire. The wedding event was spread across three days, and he along with his team was with us throughout the time to ensure that everything goes off without any issue. He hired a wedding photographer, caterer, florist, electrician and other vendors so that the event goes off smoothly. While there were many things to do in these three days, but in the small breaks that we got between different ceremonies, the wedding planner organised a sightseeing tour for us so that we can enjoy the peaceful backwaters of Kerala.
It was a great experience for us as we did not have to worry about any arrangements (all of it was done by the planner), but enjoyed our time meeting with the groom’s parents and relatives and having a wonderful time connecting with them in a more personal level.

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