One of the most remarkable abilities of our mind is it’s ability to remember. Memory allows us to recall what we have learned through experience. The more emotion surrounding the event, the deeper the memory of it stores in our minds. If the emotion was a negative one, frequently our memories get buried and covered up so that their memory no longer hurts us. If the emotion was a positive one, we can enjoy the memory over and over again with a quick desire to go inside and review it.

• Do you recall what you learned so that you don’t make mistakes more than once?
• Can you find things quickly because you remember where you placed them?
• If in business or politics, are your memories moving you forward into more success?
• Is your mind trained to remember and this discipline spills over into actualization?
• Can you interpret more easily what you’ve memorized?

• The more active your mind is, the better able it is to retain memories. Work puzzles, make up your mind to pay complete attention and remember what is occurring, connect pictures in your mind with events.
• Utilize as many of your senses as you can when you set out to remember data. If you are remembering task items on a To-Do list, draw a little cartoon picture after the task to help you to remember.
• Keep good records. If you write down all your tasks in the same place every time (like in Outlook’s calendar) you’ll never let a commitment slip.
• Insist positively that you will remember. A positive mindset that you will and can remember, can help you tremendously to actually remember.
• Make sure your diet and exercise routine is healthy. Expecting your mind to work when it feels hungry or tired is not wise.

One of the best ways to utilize memory is to have an avid interest in everything. This interest (a practical form of love) will help you to absorb data and recall it when you most need it. If you want to Be the Change toward greater success in your life, a healthy memory is one of the tools to help you most.

Author's Bio: 

Maria Khalifé is a renown, international business woman. Beginning in the hospitality industry, with a strong passion for business development, Khalifé developed the first and only Arabic cooking magazine in the Middle East called The Soufra Daimeh Magazine, and it was followed by an extremely popular television show of the same name. Her passion for food and her experience in the media field led her to develop and win international claim for over 70 cookbooks. Two of them – Middle Eastern Cookbook & The Mezze Cookbook have won many awards for their sumptuous and delicious recipes.

Going beyond her television and radio career, she expanded her life purpose to include helping others to live a masterful, successful life led by her own example and accomplishments. In 2008, she created The Change Coaching Institute (CCI). At CCI, those who wish to accelerate their growth on The Path, or to foster a new career for themselves by becoming a Change Coach, learn universal, spiritual principles to reach maximum potential through the discovery of a true dynamic and authentic self.