Men Also Have Menopause! Unexpected Effects Of Testosterone

In today's world, which is said to be the "100 years of life," everyone will want to live forever and lively. Find and practice tips in your daily life so that you can stay healthy both physically and mentally.

Speaking of menopause, various symptoms due to menopause in women are famous, but men also have menopause. The cause is that males, like females, have reduced hormones. Male hormones are called testosterone, and it has recently been discovered that this testosterone has a significant impact on male health.

Menopause, Beware Of These Symptoms!

The most common symptoms of menopause in men are "fatigue / fatigue" and "decreased libido / ED (erectile dysfunction)". For many years, these have been thought to be unavoidable symptoms due to aging, but in reality, it has become clear that they are largely due to male menopause.

Menopause also presents with other physical symptoms such as burning, dizziness, rash, sweating, palpitation, and mental symptoms such as irritability, depression, anxiety, and lethargy. All of these are symptoms that are often overlooked because of age, but be aware that they may get worse and worse if left untreated.

Men's Menopausal Symptoms Were Due To "Testosterone Depletion."

The male hormone "testosterone" peaks around the age of 20 and gradually decreases with age. However, there are individual differences in how it decreases, and there is no such thing as "the time when most people decrease clearly," like women's menopause. Some people develop symptoms as early as their 30s, while others have no symptoms even after their 60s.

Testosterone was thought to be a hormone that primarily controls libido and masculinity, but Cenforce 150 and Vilitra 40 to improve male physical functions such as increasing hair, creating a vibrant mental state, and reducing the risk of lifestyle-related diseases.

What Are The Treatments And Measures For Menopausal Disorders?

If you are diagnosed with a male menopausal disorder, you may be asked to supplement testosterone directly by injection or to consider treatments that stimulate testosterone secretion with supplements or Chinese herbs, and if necessary, you may also proceed with mental care such as counseling. ..

In addition, to alleviate the symptoms, it is important not only to treat at the hospital as described above but also to keep in mind "a life that does not decrease testosterone daily," so be aware of the following.

・ Do not accumulate stress

・ Get a good night's sleep

・ Perform moderate exercise and muscle training

・ In addition to a balanced diet,

Testosterone that actively consumes protein and green onions is drastically reduced by stress. Therefore, let's try to release it moderately and get a good night's sleep not to accumulate stress. Also, exercise and muscle training increase testosterone and proteins and leeks are said to enhance its effect, so be sure to take it positively.

Exercise for menopause.

Exercise for menopause It was the nature of the illness & aims to improve symptoms has a sufficient effect as health. Exercise is also effective in reducing the symptoms of menopause. So what kind of exercise can help reduce menopause?

Therefore, walking is suggested rather than jogging, which tends to put a load on your legs. In addition, swimming, which is expected to improve cardiopulmonary capacity, is also a suitable exercise for menopause.

Effect on menopause

The effects of exercise on menopause vary. The main effects are eliminating mental instability seen during menopause, prevention of obesity, and improvement of anorexia. Exercising helps to relieve stress and relieve the mind. By moving your body, the energy stored as fat is consumed; this leads to the prevention of obesity. Vilitra 60 and Vilitra 20 to the improvement of ED. In other words, by exercising in an appropriate manner, the effect of exercise that relieves the symptoms of menopause appears.

This is important ‼  Muscle training with an eye on old age

The age between the 40s and 50s, when menopause is approaching, is also the time when old age is imminent. In old age, muscles and bones are severely weakened, and the more you stumble in space, the more difficult it becomes to walk.

In particular, the major muscle of the lower back is significantly weakened, which causes bending of the lower back and difficulty in walking. As for the muscle training that should be done during menopause, it is recommended to train the muscles of the legs and waist, such as squats. Applying an appropriate load to the legs and hips with aerobic exercises such as muscle training and walking is also useful in maintaining bone strength and can be expected to improve osteoporosis.

Testosterone is an important hormone for masculinity and health.

Testosterone is an important hormone to maintain masculinity in the first place, but it also plays an important role in maintaining the health of men. To prevent menopause and relieve the symptoms of menopause, keep in mind a lifestyle that prevents the decrease in testosterone so that you can live a lively life.

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