Men and stylish wristwatches go hand in hand! It is one of their best fashion accessories and adds to their overall style and persona. Whether you are attending a friend's wedding reception or are part of a corporate seminar, a high-end wristwatch will dress you up completely. It completes the look and sometimes is your secret fashion mojo that adds a unique spark to your look. Gone are the days when men had to visit from one store to the other to compare a set of watches to get to the best one. Today, you can browse through the online websites and buy the wristwatch you like, within the comfort zone of your house.

Every man has his favorite watch brand and type! To know more about this, you can check out Casio Singapore watch deals and discounts. If you are planning to make a watch collection and are not sure about the watch types, you can refer to the following criteria.

  1. Dress watches

    The ultimate objective of this watch type is to add more style and gravitas to your corporate wear and business attires. It is essential to have a chic and classy presentation. Sometimes, the second's hand is not present in these watches, but it should show the correct time. Always select a reputed brand to ensure that the wristwatch lasts long. The metal saber pattern index is the characteristic feature along with roman numerals. Arabic numerals get used on some models. The bezel and the dial need to be less embellished. You can choose from metallic, black, and white faces.

  2. The aviator watches

    This watch style includes multiple styles! The distinctive essence of the aviation industry has made this watch type has become popular. Today, reputed watch brands are designing and manufacturing aviator watches based on the aviation industry standards. They appear sporty and are perfect for men who mostly wear casuals. It is essential for aviator watches to be readable under the low-light conditions. Usually, the dials come in a big black round with white prominent numerous. The watch strap gets a matte finish in leather. These watches get equipped with particular aviation functions.

    Aviation watches are perfect for sporting in a casual as well as formal setting. You can sport both in an office lunch as well as a get together with your friends.

  3. Racing watches

    It is one of the famous watch variants and is considered to be a stylish choice for men who love sports. You can select from the unique patterns and exotic colors. These watches tend to be slightly flashy. Hence, if you purchase a highly flashy model, it is best to tone down your attire by dressing smart and casual. That will reflect the watch style prominently.

    A racing watch comes with two essential features, i.e., a tachymeter and a chronograph. You need to look for these two features when you are opting in for one.

These are several other watch variants such as the field watches and the dive watches. However, if you want to create your watch collection, you can start with these three men's wristwatch types and add more to your watch-collection later on.

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