1. The first pair of shoes is more memorable than the first kiss.

A survey shows that 92% of women remember the first time with their own money to buy the shoes, regardless of the brand-name shoes, or buying the discounted goods on the street, but they recall the name of the object of their first kiss, but only 63% of women can think of it. Is even more exaggerated, 96% of women feel remorse for dropping a pair of shoes, but only 15% of people have this feeling abandoned by her boyfriend.

Moreover, the survey also showed that women love shoes attachment than previously thought to be more intimate. Previously, people will always think of a woman with a shoe collection of old love letters up, but in fact for them, the shoes are more precious than the old love letters. Women shoes as is his best friend, shoes are left to their left than to love the memory of the memory is more durable.

2. Wednesday is like the days of menstruation.

For most women have their own independent views to work, do not want too hard, they do not want to bore tasteless. But irony is that women stay in bed before work is compulsory, with closed eyes to the face brush the toothpaste is also common, for Monday, but also do not know what the free state. And Wednesday is more like a watershed in black, looking forward to this day, boil the day, so this time the mood they are very unstable, like that a few days to the same period.

3.80% of the women are not satisfied with their body.

Even if the model is a very bright star or a brilliant, often a part of the body will show some of their dissatisfaction, many women even feel that they lack either the chest fullness, or is not feeling sexy body, a chest there stature and feel that they face less attractive. Anyway, in her eyes that he is not always the most beautiful one, so many women are dissatisfied with their place a number of minor, or have some inferiority complex.

4. Qicheng woman's husband is not above his own preferred spouse or spouse does not meet the original standards.

Although they are also a lot of people now live a happy happy life, but in fact 70% of the women's husbands are not their first choice. And was chosen because of her husband now feel that their spouse does not meet the actual needs or standard, or just feel real important than love.

5. Naked but not want to feel the touch lift shackles.

Many women like naked, not verbally say they bound to lift the day, or even to prevent breast cancer, these are just some excuse for gorgeous, in fact, nothing more than naked to promote the health of the friction in the quilt to accelerate their brain's nerves, they are most proud, most proud of, the most coveted of how men, when alone in the dead of night loneliness? simply want more ambiguous feelings of some of the touch, even if it is cold thin quilts.

6. Pushed you to once again close to you.

Some men do not understand why the woman was pretending to need it obviously angry push them away, in fact, men do not understand, this is only a tactic it is a woman, while she pushed you, the next morning ready time to embrace your preparation. And if you be misled by false, then you may never close to her.

7. Love shopping but does not like to decorate their own not very confident.

Like shopping is the bane of a woman, a woman in the street so it would be crazy, but you do not even think that women are simply wrong to make their appearance look better and more what they are by external decorate their own feelings, allow yourself to become confident enough.

8. Kids more like a pet, and through life like the movies.

Child's life out, a woman is like a maestro, expand the child's overall package, and from the outside can be instilled in all have not tried, or does not make sense to want their children to some test that the little boy wearing a miniskirt into Snow White and the little girl is sent into practice with the monk.

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