Prostatitis will affect men's health. People suffering from this disease will have various adverse symptoms, such as common dysuria, frequent urination, and pelvic pain.

Therefore, men should take preventive measures to actively reduce the prevalence of the disease through the development of good habits. Otherwise, prostatitis, urinary tract irritation and chronic pelvic pain may reduce the quality of life.

Once suffering from prostatitis, men need to be treated with drugs. Generally, the basis for choosing antimicrobial therapy is the detection of pathogens in prostatic fluid culture. Quinolones such as ofloxacin or levofloxacin are the first choice.

If it is chronic prostatitis, patients can choose herbal medicine for treatment such as Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. It has the functions of promoting blood circulation and removing stasis, so as to relieve the pain and make the prostate function return to normal.

The incidence rate of prostatitis is high. Timely measures should be taken to prevent it. So, who are more likely to develop prostatitis?

1. A sedentary man

Prostatitis is a disease with a high incidence rate. The disease often occurs in sedentary men. Because the local heat dissipation is not maintained well under the sedentary and immovable conditions, it is more likely to cause bacterial growth, and the probability of prostatitis after the bacterial invasion is high.

Besides, many people can't maintain healthy circulation after sitting for a long time, which will also have an impact. Prostatitis will pose a threat to men after it appears. Therefore, we should exercise properly at ordinary times, do not sit for a long time, and do not ride a bicycle for a long time. These are good ways to prevent prostatitis.

2. An overindulgent man

A reasonable sexual life can avoid the occurrence of prostatitis. Many men have the disease because of too frequent sexual life. Because in the case of excessive sexual life, the prostate will always be in a state of hyperemia. Bacteria are more likely to enter the prostate, which may lead to local inflammation, which is also the reason for the formation of prostatitis in some people.

Therefore, men need to pay attention to this aspect of the problem, through a reasonable and moderate sexual life to regulate the body, not only to meet the needs of the body but also to avoid prostatitis threat to health and to prevent the disease from having an impact.

3. Men with unreasonable diet

The pathogenesis of prostatitis is rather complicated. And many reasons can lead to an increase in prostatitis, especially the incorrect diet method. In the process of eating a lot of spicy food, long-term drinking behavior, these bad habits will have an invisible impact.

The stimulation of food will also lead to prostate function damage, easy to create conditions for infection, which may lead to the formation of prostatitis. Therefore, the key to prevent prostatitis is to adopt a reasonable diet and avoid incorrect eating habits.

If these conditions exist, all men may increase the incidence rate of male prostatitis. For the sake of health, we should actively prevent these diseases and eliminate the negative factors in a reasonable way, which helps prevent prostatitis and maintain men's health.

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