Everyone knows that women live longer than men. A European report examines the causes of disease of men. According to its findings, the decreased longevity is not inevitable biologically speaking. This means investing in the health of men.

1 Men are Disadvantaged in Health
2 Men's Health: a Question of Lifestyle
3 Men and Doctors
4 What can We do to Men?

1. Health Disadvantages in Men- In all countries of the western country, the average life expectancy is lower for men than for women. This difference varies across countries, If some country have 12% than it can be possible that other have 15%. It is also different in different regions within the country. Men have a higher death rate for all ages, but especially between 15 and 65. More than 630,000 men die at these ages, against 300,000 women. Biologically, this fact has no reason. And even if we can rejoice that the life expectancy of men is steadily increasing for several years, the situation can be improved.

2. Men's Health: A Question of Lifestyle - Some deaths are related to risk factors that can be modified. Men generally have a healthy one worse than the women life. They have an unbalanced diet, consuming more fat and salt, but less than "good" fats, fiber and starch. Men are also more likely to smoke or abuse alcohol. Finally, they have more risky sexual behavior.

But all of these behaviors are also associated with a low level social and economic difficulties. Men affected by all these factors therefore need support from the government.

3. Men and Physicians- So many western country, men suffer fewer chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease or joint disease. They are also less likely to go to their GP than women and yet they are often admitted to hospital for all diseases! These paradoxical results are due to the fact that men consult their doctors later with more severe symptoms and are therefore more difficult to treat. Machismo is the usual explanation for this situation, but things are probably more complicated than that- it can be noted that at least during pregnancy, all women have regular medical monitoring.

4. What can We do to Men?- The initiatives specifically targeting men's health are still rare. Specific approach to men or women would be more effective. It also appears that the current organization of health care does not facilitate their access to medical services. Progress has nevertheless been made, but indirectly through campaigns to reduce smoking or road accidents, and improving labor laws, all of which disproportionately affect men.

Health Awareness

Men should stay alert about their health. They should take health meal instead of junk food and food which have lots of cholesterol. They should take their medicines properly or they can join health clubs or gym. Morning walk or exercise is another option who to stay healthy and good for those who cannot give their time in a gym, It gives the whole day freshness. According to Health Experts morning walk is god for human lungs because it provide clean air to lungs.

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