As I sit in the park watching my grandson play tag with other kids on the playscape, the noise from all the children is deafening, yet I can pick out my grandson’s voice amidst the din. It makes me wonder how we are able to tune things out that are not important to us at the time, and yet when it’s necessary we’re able to tune into something such as someone’s voice, effectively filtering what we need from the noise.
This reminds me of how we can filter out the voice of spirit. In all the hubbub and noise that is surrounding us we often miss the spirit clues. The human mind is a great filter!
When attempting to sharpen our ability to hear Spirit what I recommend to all my students is to keep a pencil and paper handy, or your favorite phone app, and write down everything you’re hearing throughout the day. It may take a little practice to hear all the slight noises and nuances that we often don’t mentally process. However, the more we do this the easier it is for us to notice the still and silent voice of Spirit.

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Lisa Bousson is an internationally known Psychic Medium, Author, Speaker and Instructor. With over 50 years experience, Lisa offers hope that our loved ones remain with us even after the change called death.
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