At present, people's understanding of mental health is still at a relatively shallow stage. They consider themselves to be one of the mentally healthy groups if they perceive their senses as normal, control their behaviors, take care of their own diet, and work (learn). But this can only be said to be psychologically normal without mental illness, and whether the level of mental health is in good condition requires further evaluation. Affected by the dual effects of genetics and environment, especially the parenting styles of the original family in early childhood, it has a great impact on the development of mental health. Mental health highlights the ability to maintain good communication or cooperation with others in society and personal life, and to handle various situations in life well.
Mental health is one of the most important aspects of life of a modern man. Like the standards of one’s physical health, mental health also has some particular standards. Understanding and grasping the definition of mental health may significantly enhance people’s mental condition. When people have mastered the standard of measuring people's mental health, they can make self-diagnosis of mental health based on them. Finding that one or several aspects of one's psychological condition is far from the standard of mental health , it is necessary to strengthen psychological training in order to reach the level of mental health. If the state of mind is seriously deviating from the standard of mental health, you should seek medical treatment in time for early diagnosis and early treatment.
Mental health refers to a continuous and actively developing mental state, in which the subject can make good adaptations and give full play to its physical and mental potential.
The intellectual development is normal
Normal development of intelligence refers to the level of individual intellectual development and its actual age, which is one of the important signs of mental health.
Stable mood
Mental health adolescents have an advantage in positive emotional experiences such as optimism and satisfaction. Although negative emotions such as sorrow, confusion, failure, and frustration may also occur, they will not last long. They can appropriately express and control their emotions and keep them relatively stable.
You can know yourself correctly
Have a good understanding of yourself, know the value of your existence, feel satisfied with yourself, and work hard to make yourself better. You can carry forward your own strengths, fully understand your shortcomings, and consciously work to overcome them. You can have your own ideals, and can be full of confidence in the future, and can continuously make new achievements in all aspects of study and work.
Have good interpersonal relationships
Children and adolescents with mental health have positive and good interpersonal relationships. Respect others, understand others, be good at learning their strengths and make up for their weaknesses, and be able to get along with others with a friendly and tolerant attitude. They can be sincere and candid in front of others, so they can easily gain the trust of others and build harmonious relationships.
Stable and coordinated personality
Personality is expressed as a person's entire mental appearance. Mentally healthy people have a sound "self", have a correct understanding of themselves, can objectively evaluate themselves, and can effectively control and adjust their personality tendencies and personality psychological characteristics.
Love life
Mentally healthy people love life, can deeply feel the beauty of life and the joy of life, and actively look forward to a bright future. Can realize their full potential in life without losing confidence in life due to setbacks and failures. Able to correctly deal with the real difficulties, timely adjust their thinking methods and behavioral strategies to adapt to various social environments.
Mental health is very important for a person. A mentally healthy person has a coordinated and unified behavior. His behavior is governed by consciousness. His thinking and behavior are unified and coordinated, and he has the ability to control himself. If a person's actions and thoughts contradict each other, his attention is not concentrated, his thoughts are confused, his language is fragmented, and his work is disordered, psychological adjustment should be carried out.
People living in society must be good at getting along with others, helping others to be happy, and establishing good interpersonal relationships. People's communication activities can reflect people's mental health. Normal and friendly communication is not only a necessary condition for maintaining mental health, but also an important method for obtaining mental health.
A person life becomes complex in this complex world, and will encounter multiple environments and changes in his life. Therefore, one should have good adaptability. No matter what changes in the real environment, they will be able to adapt. Mental health is not an extraordinary state of superman, and a person's mental health is not necessarily manifested in every aspect, as long as they can understand themselves correctly in daily practice. Life is complicated. Only with a calm heart, constantly introspecting one's own mentality and behavior, constantly improving his own shortcomings, and washing the darkness in the heart with dust-free rain can he stand on earth.

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