Your mental health is just as important as your physical fitness. Because you feel good when are you physically and mentally balanced. You can better deal with setbacks, get the best out of yourself and enjoy what you experience. We all want that, right? Today we are going to share that how you can stay mentally fit.

Think positive more often:
Positive thoughts contribute to your mental health. For example, look back every day on what you have experienced. Write down what went well and what made you feel good. For example, a compliment from a colleague for your good work performance. The happy reaction of your neighbor for whom you have carried the groceries. A neighbor who heals well from a major operation.

Keep control of your time:
Your available daily time is valuable. There are tasks that you want to do and that you have to do. Try to set priorities. Do you wonder what is urgent and important and what can wait until later? By arranging your time in this way you are more in control. You feel more comfortable and maintain your energy balance. Use priority lists. For at home and at work.

Write down what is urgent and what can wait. Has a job or other obligation been waiting for you for a week? From a pile of clothes, writing a report, repairing a leaking tap to washing the car or visiting someone? Pick it up and then strip it off your list. Doesn't that feel nice right? By managing your time better and setting priorities, you feel better and at the same time boost your mental health.

Perform daily relaxation exercises:
Make a pass in place. Take some time for yourself and relax. For example, by doing relaxation exercises every day before you go to sleep. Let the stress slip away, so that you relax physically and experience mental peace. Various simple exercises can be found on mental health blogs that can help you. Get started with your mental health.

Eat consciously and with attention:
Was breakfast, lunch or dinner a resting point in daily life? Where did you pay attention to yourself and your family? To socialize and make jokes? There is often little time nowadays. Work, children, friends, groceries, household, sports activities and being accessible anytime and anywhere ensure that you hardly have time and unwind.

Do fun things regularly and boost your mental health:
Undertake activities that give you energy and contribute to your physical and psychological balance. Make time for the activities that help recharge your battery. Reserve some time in your diary every day and make it a priority. Do things that help you relax and leave the rest for what it is. Go read a book, take a bath, go out for dinner with friends, go to a movie theater or go for a walk or bike ride.

Exercise every day:
And of course exercising regularly will also improve your mental health. Not only help to reduce daily stress, but it also makes you feel better, more energetic and mentally balanced. Because sports makes you create happiness hormones that fight stress hormones. Especially do it. You really feel happier!

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Misty Jhones