This October, we witnessed the 27th year celebration of World Mental Health Day. When we are talking about mental health, we are not only just dealing with an age-old stigma that prevents many from actually coming out and getting the necessary help they need but also we are talking about the problem that around 450 million of the world population suffer from. So, as you can see, mental health is not always about getting booked for asylum. It is also the daily struggle that you might not often realize.

When going for help is the most necessary and important decision you will ever make if you decide to focus on your mental well being, it is also necessary that you master some daily hacks that can help you deal with the regular stress and anxiety of your mundane situations. In the following points, we are going to talk about how learning something funny to say can be a helpful coping mechanism with anxiety and stress disorder.

A Form of Communication:

One of the biggest issues that people generally face when they have anxiety or stress is that they fail to communicate normally. Before opening the mouth and starting a conversation or before sending a text or making a call, a patient of anxiety and stress will immediately think how they can start to communicate. It might seem like nothing to you but for someone anxious, it is almost like moving boulders with bare hands. But when you are going through websites and getting to know random things to say, you can use them as the ice breaker. Then once you get comfortable in the conversation, you can shift to the topics that matter.

Handling Social Anxiety:

For someone who deals with social anxiety and frets over the prospect of meeting people at a gathering or even work, it can be really difficult to find something to say. Now, if you are such a person who regularly faces problems like this, knowing funny facts can be helpful. Maybe you presume that you will be judged at a social gathering or people will notice your nervousness. But when you know how to break the ice with some funny things, you can feel confident. People are generally attracted towards good sense of humor. So, when you know such random funny things, rest assured, know that you will feel less awkward in social situations.

For Sudden Hot and Cold Splashes:

With anxiety, it is very common to have sudden hot and cold splashes when you feel like losing control over a situation and that makes you very nervous, resulting in a rapid change of body temperature. Such situations can be quite tricky to handle. Now, when you are sensing that your control is ebbing, divert the conversation and thoughts. Talk about something irrelevant. Find out weird things to say which will immediately help you shift your attention and thus help in dealing with sudden changes.

So, now as you know about the ways you can use funny random things to talk about when you are dealing with mental health issues, use these ideas. And if you feel the situation is even more serious, don’t hesitate to get some help.

Author's Bio: 

Steven is a famous blogger and an expert on random things to say. Here, he writes on funny things to say and how it can help you in anxiety and stress disorder.