Psychological trauma is a burning problem nowadays, especially among the youths. Due to multiple reasons, many young ones are suffering from mental health disorders. In this modern era of competition, psychology has become a well-discussed topic to ponder over. Human psychology is a pool of mystery to dive and explore new things every day. But, when a psychological problem occurs it becomes severe. You may not see any properly visible symptoms in case of mental health problems. This makes the issues more serious. A mentally ill person may look as normal as others. However, there are various medical portals to get proper guidance regarding this. And if the problem seems severe, visit the psychologist immediately.

Young minds are vulnerable. Therefore, they are more susceptible to psychological troubles. As per the survey, a large number of youths are suffering from mental health issues and suicidal thoughts. However, there are some common mental health issues among youths. Let’s know about them.

Depression: The issue of depression is not just about feeling low. It is a severe mental health condition affecting your mental and physical health at once. according to a research result, nearly one in 35 young Australian individuals (aged between 4-17) are currently suffering the pangs of depression. This poor mental health condition leads to low concentration, taking drugs, consumption of alcohol, withdrawal from everything, etc.

Anxiety: It is another common psychological problem among children and young adults in Australia. Well, it sometimes affects the elderly people as well. However, anxiety is a kind of intense response to stress in life. Near about one in 14 young Australians (aged between 4-17) are suffering from this disease. The major warning signs of anxiety are headaches, sore muscles, restlessness, etc. You can visit any psychologist to cure this trouble.

ADHD: Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder(ADHD) is a severe psychological problem. Currently, approx 7.4% of all Australian children and adolescents are suffering from this problem. The patients experience difficulty in attention. They also face trouble in controlling the impulses.

Eating Disorders: It is the result of very poor mental health conditions. The restlessness inside the mind leads to eating disorders. The main warning signs for this problem are sudden weight loss, excessive eating, or other relevant troubles.

These are common problems among the young ones in Australia. Anyways, the telepsychiatry solution is there to help the patients in the time of need. You can consult online psychology specialists to take care of this problem.

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