The human brain is a complicated mass of matter in your skull that enables you to receive data and process it when we interact with our environment through studying and action. A mental workout of the brain can help in improving not only the brain’s faculties, but also protect against cognitive decline and diseases that can damage the brain.

The brain has the ability to change and evolve itself. Even in older people, new neurons can grow. Mental decline to the brain is generally caused due to some disease, but age-related memory loss is caused by not actively using the mind. It ideally means, “Use It or Lose It.”

Recently, brain scientists and psychologists have been able to document how the brain network forms the whole mass of memory. Starting from the mother’s womb right through the advanced stages of life, the networking of the brain never ends its learning and evolving. If you observe the brain at the cellular level, you will find out how a simple mass of grey matter works and allows us to learn and grow.

Usually, to create and remember memories the brain goes through three stages. These stages are as follows:

1. Possession

In a particular area of the brain, data enters through pathways in the neurons. Unless the mind is not focused on the acquired data, this is the most crucial part in encoding information. If the mind is not focused, the brain will just translate it and reject it after a while. This is the reason why a teacher or instructor is forever looking for students that are not paying attention.

2. Interpretation

When you concentrate hard to implant the needed data into your brain, the hippocampus (a part of the brain) sends a signal to save the data for permanent or as long term memory. This appears to be simpler if it is related to something that you are common with, or if it is mentally or emotionally striking.

3. Repossession

While recalling data, the brain activates the same flow of sequence of brain cells that is used for storing information.

If you think your memory is bad, you have made a wrong assumption. The reason could be that you are following an ineffective habit or practice while receiving and processing data. If you are not suffering from any brain related disease or injury, the mind can always be sharpened and the brain’s ability to memorize information can be improved.

Like the body, the mind also needs nourishment and as much practice as possible. The more exercise the mind receives, the better we will be able to process and retain data. The basis of any good brain exercise is frequent and sensory stimulation. If the habit is broken in a more active way, then you will find parts of the brain that were idle previously and can now be utilized.

Even something as simple as writing with your left hand stimulates brain connections on body parts that were not actively used. There are certain exercises of the brain that compel you to use the parts of your body in strange ways, for example, eating with your eyes closed. You can also learn a foreign language or a new game, or even create an exotic dish. These are some of the most effective techniques to keep the neurons working.

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