You were put on this earth for a good reason and that was to educate and mentor others. If that is the case, why do so many of us want to hold on to our knowledge? If you want to increase your income, think first about giving away what you know to others.

I know what you are thinking. If I give away a lot of content for free, why would they ever want to buy my services and/or products? This is an excellent question.
When the economy was booming people did not ask as many questions as they do today. You have to prove to your followers that you are the one for them. Not only do you have great content, but also you are authentic, you are trustworthy and most important you are here to serve them.
How much is too much free information?

My answer is that you can never give too much. You tell people about your experiences, positive and negative. If it is a “neutral” experience, like getting gas in your car, you don’t tell anyone. So find ways for your customers to rave about you. This could be in the form of gifts, information and just going that extra mile.

Customer service is at an all time low and if you can mentor your clients through giving valuable content the word will spread. You are going to be standing out above the crowd.
Let’s get back to the money back guarantee.

Some people believe in it and others do not. If you don’t believe in it here is a word of wisdom. Do you believe your product and your service provide so much value; there is no way someone would think about asking for their money back? If you answered no, then perhaps rethink your price level. You want people to say, I can’t believe how much I got for x number of dollars. They delivered well beyond what was expected.

Yes, you will have people that ask for their money back, but do you really want these people in your circle anyway? And besides, there is a better chance they will talk about you in a positive light if at all to others since you gave them their money back. It is estimated if someone is upset about something they will tell 30 people. So why not let them leave with a positive experience.

Mentoring others is a gift and giving away the band is the great to do it. It will not only increase your income, but your followers will love and trust you.

Author's Bio: 

Gail Sophia Edgell – I always loved health and wellness. In fact, when I was in college I was one of the very few women who spent hours in the free weight area of the fitness center. As I continued to study Exercise Physiology, I immersed myself even deeper into the wellness field. Over the years, I even was an amateur boxer and fitness competitor for several years.

So, what have I done the last 20 years? I have implemented hundreds of corporate wellness initiatives in Fortune 500 companies and started the largest personal training and corporate wellness consulting practice in my county over 12 years ago. Today, I am the owner of and co-host of ‘Magnificent Menopause and Beyond’ Blog Talk Radio show. She is the co-author of Mastering Your Wellness Business and the menopause book series, ‘What the Hell is Happening to Me?’
In all of this experience, one thing remains very evident to me. Consumers are not being given all of their options. One of the reasons why this is occurring is because the alternative and integrative medicine worlds are not getting the exposure they need for it to be on the forefront of consumer minds.

That is exactly why Traci and I started our newest venture which serves you, the professional. Our goal is to have the alternative medicine world be the new conventional world in less than 10 years. The only way we can do that is to assist you in building strong practices through business skills development, mindset and exposure.