I like to ask people what it is that they that want in their life. I mean, here's what a seminar offers you: the BMW or Bentley that you want or whatever it is; the house or castle. It offers you the ability to write a check for your children's education instead of sweating, taking notes, and mortgaging your future at a time when you might be nearing retirement.

The fulfillment of travel will always come up high. Would you like to visit different countries in the world?

In other words, it's everything you want to do, including helping poor people. We all believe in causes—we promote them. But everything requires money. Money makes everything better. I like Groucho Marx's quote—it's attributed to him anyway—where he says, "Okay, money isn't everything, but it's right up there with oxygen!"

So that's what's available, and people can sometimes make a misjudgment and say, "Well, I've seen this speaker before," or "I haven't heard anything good about them, and therefore I'm not going." That's not the secret.

The secret is, go listen to people you know are walking the walk and who, unlike your mother, your spouse, your friend, your teacher, your preacher, when they tell you something is working, you know that it's working. You have that level of trust. You've seen demonstrations of their success. And then follow the instructions, and you can have anything you want!

As my friend Ambar Hamid recently said to me,

"There are many people out there who think that they can do things on their own, who think they could experiment and reinvent the whole wheel and start doing their own thing. I think that's okay, if you've got the time and money and effort to do so.

"But if you've got time constraints or lack of money and you want to be successful really quickly, then you need to learn from other people who've been there, who've done it, and who know how to do it."

"And look, even Anthony Robbins has done it. When he initially started in this business, he went out to seminars, he purchased loads of programs, and he did a whole lot of other things that most people never even bother doing. Look at where he is now. He's a successful coach, and he's a multi-multi-multi-multimillionaire.

"So, Ted, I strongly agree with you. And in fact, I have gone to numerous events to help me to be where I am now. So listen: you need to find someone to help you, to lead you to where you want to be.

"It's so, so important."

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