Merial Frontline Plus for Medium Dogs

Frontline Plus is an over the counter (non-prescription) product.

Brand-name- Frontline Plus (Merial Frontline Plus)

Generic name- Fipronil, S-methoprene.

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Frontline Plus and Frontline Spot On

Frontline spot on

Frontline plus for dogs contains fripronil (a broad-spectrum insecticide) as well as S-methoprene. The combination of these two results in treatment on flea and tick control. Frontline Plus for dogs should be used for the dogs and puppies of 8 weeks or older than 8 weeks only (recommended).

To get the best results over this product use this monthly all over the year. It will never get expired if kept according to the package instruction and unopened.

Frontline plus for dogs is available in different categories as :

  • Frontline Plus for Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large Dogs and Cats
  • Frontline Spot On For Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large Dogs and Cats
  • Aspis Forte II for Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large Dogs and Cats

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  • Free shipping service.
  • Best offers and cheapest cost with great quality.
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Precautions to be taken:

These are some general precautions which you must remember:

  • This product is only for external use.
  • Consult your veterinarian before using on feeble, pregnant and medicated animals.
  • Keep this pet medicine away from open flame and heat as this is flammable.
  • It is harmful for humans if swallowed or contacted with skin, eyes, and cloths.

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