Bridal shower is a party. There are no set ground rules or etiquettes. It is celebrated as per bride’s likes and dislikes. Traditionally, this was just a gift-giving party arranged by the bride’s friends to help her start her new life. Now-a-days, it has changed drastically and celebrated as a get together of the bride with her close family and friends. It is an opportunity for the bride to let her hair down and enjoy her single hood to the fullest.

These days, the custom of ordering a theme-based cake for the bridal shower is picking up fast. Cakes are a visual treat and are typically used as bridal shower centerpieces. Cakes offer a string of variety through their styles, colors, flavors etc.

A bridal shower cake is usually and ideally inspired from the bride-to-be as it is her day and the party is meant to honor her. It depicts her style, preference, and personality. When a cake is inspired by the bride and the Bridal Shower Theme, it becomes memorable as the token of love that you have toward your friend.

While deciding on a cake for the Bridal shower, determine whether you want to buy it or bake it yourself provided you are good at baking. If you want to order it, contact at least 3 bakers and ask for tasting sessions. Discuss the theme and decorations of the venue and the other food items that you plan to provide. Give them a clear idea as to what you exactly want.

Forewarn them about the number of people, any photographs that you plan to put on the cake and any message that you want to convey to the bride. Because, once baked, you cannot change it and it will spoil the mood and be a disaster.

If you want to bake it by yourself, ask yourself a few questions.

  • Type of cake – Decide whether you want a replica of the multi-tiered traditional wedding cake or something funky like a cake shaped like beach ball or a soccer field, for instance.
  • Size of the cake - Consider the number of people, other food items that you are going to serve and decide on the size of the cake. There is no fixed measure, but one sheet cake serves 80 people on average. Consult a baker or an experienced aunt if the need arises.
  • Decorations – Decide the design, flavors and fillings, shape, cake sayings or messages that you want to convey, icing colors, embellishments, etc. well in advance. Try them out before finalizing them.

    Mesmerizing Cake Ideas

  • Lettering – Get creative in the lettering. Use some fancy letters or cartoons instead of normal letters. For instance wine glass instead of the letter ‘U’ and so on.
  • Piping – It is a type of icing. You can draw borders, designs, patterns with this icing for a girly feeling.
  • Toppers – You can decorate the cake with toppers. Try to incorporate her style in the cake decor. For e.g., bride and groom figurines, flower heads in icing, wedding dress, etc. Keep in mind that it should reflect her personality.

    Always keep in mind that the bridal shower cake should be inspired from the bride. It must be suitable to her style and personality. You will find a variety of mesmerizing bridal shower cakes on the internet and the websites dedicated to bakery and confectionery.

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    Smith Baker is bridal shower planner currently on the hop. Bridal shower planning is as important as managing the bash. If you plan well, the bridal shower, it will be very easy for you to make all required arrangements.