Whatever I write, comes from my glow

I never know what I will get

I just let it flow

Comes from deep within my heart

That is how it starts

I open to receive

The messages are pure, so believe

That what I say is guided from above

Where the joy, the laughter and fun resides; it's just love

We all are capable to receive

Messages from spirit, all you need to do is believe

Open your heart, mind, body, and soul

To begin your journey in love and peace,

Then watch it grow!

It happens fast

Change is quick

Like a magic stick

Feel the peace deep within

That is all you need to begin

Grab some paper and pencil

Write down your thoughts like stencil

Then you will be a poet just like me

I woke up one day and this was how it happened for me

I did not plan it

It just arrived

Now my mind

Rhymes, a poet from the sky

Author's Bio: 

Maxine has been on her own spiritual path since age six, when she started to realize she could see and understand the beyond. She has been seeing and communicating with spirits and channeling messages for years.

She learned meditation skills and expanded her psychic awareness during the 1980's. She spent a lot of time counseling friends and others, knowing that was her spiritual path.

She found that many people have unanswered questions, unresolved issues, and live in fear of the unknown. Her destiny is to assist and guide these people.

Maxine has a special gift helping people with emotional difficulities. She has found that highly emotional people have a unique path, and once they find it, they are able to live lives full of love and happiness.

Maxine uses her spiritual gift to coach and assist people worldwide.

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pick up her book at amazon.com or barnes&noble.com, "How To Step Out of Fear and Reclaim Your Life."

You can also read the many articles she has written at www.ezine.com