For most people, eating smart is usually a case of increasing consumption and eating more regularly. How many people do you know, have convinced themselves that in order to lose weight they have to eat less. I have looked everywhere to track down the scientific research to support this claim and guess what, there is none!. I couldn't find one article, so I challenge you to prove me wrong. For years, I have heard of all kinds of stories of people starving themselves with one meal per day, convincing themselves that they are succeeding with their weight loss goals. Sure you might lose one or two kilos here and there, but the truth of the matter is, how on earth are you going to live through life on just one meal a day. A substantial percentage of the population do however, only to find they can't sustain it and eventually succumb to temptation, break the pattern and stack it back on. You see weight loss has never been about eating less and counting calories, It's purely a game of speeding up your metabolic rate with the essential nutrients your body requires to reproduce and replenish energy levels. I'll give you an example of a negative scenario, take christmas day for example, it's fair to say that most people can relate to this at one point or another. Have you ever just flat out pigged out at christmas dinner?, I know I have!. What usually happens is you end up hitting the wall and wanting to go to sleep. By the time Tea (Aus) comes around you aren't hungry and still feel tired and lethargic...Day wasted!. Did you know that bears sleep for half of the year with the exact same eating strategy?. The reason they can do this is because they are able to store their mass food consumption during the summer months as fat, which they then use as energy to keep them alive through the winter months when they sleep, hence they metabolise food exceptionally slow. You see, when you eat like bears do, your body automatically goes into starvation mode and stores food. Why would you want to train your body to store food if you want to lose weight?. Believe it or not, we as humans have the ability to train ourselves to process food the same way, however fortunately, we are not bears and do not need to sleep for six months at a time. My question to you then, is how would one meal a day be beneficial to our lifestyle? Yep, you guessed it, it isn't, so what is the most effective way to eat for optimal weight loss, energy and productivity?.

The key to weight loss is to speed up your metabolic rate, by eating smaller portioned meals more regularly (a portion is roughly the size of your clenched fist). I encourage five smaller meals a day with each meal consisting of a portion of proteins, carbohydrates and vegetables. By eating this way, you are able to fuel your body with the essential nutrition required to sustain enough energy to satisfy you until your next meal. It goes like this...Utilize - Replenish, Utilize - Replenish, Utilize - Replenish, Utilize - Replenish, Utilize - Replenish. Your main goal with nutrition and weight loss is to fuel you body with enough energy to get you through to your next meal. As soon as your next meal comes around your body is craving energy replacement, and therefor, is ready to process food as quickly and efficiently as possible to satisfy your energy requirements. This is the scientific way to speed up your metabolism from a cellular level, and by doing so, you will not only notice increased energy levels, clearer thinking and greater relaxation, you will be well on your way to achieving your weight loss goals. Another essential ingredient to your fast effective weight loss is water. Water is imperative for food breakdown and plays a major role in the metabolism of food and fat breakdown. Check out my 'We Are Water' article and get your hands on a copy of the livethislife authorised food group list.

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Hi there, my name is Mark Piercy,
owner and developer of Live This Life.

About six years ago I had hit rock bottom in life. I was depressed,
had no job, was overweight and feeling quite sorry for myself.
I needed to make a change in my lifestyle in order to get out of the
rut I was in so I turned to the health and fitness industry.

Since that day I have transformed my life into something special. I now work for myself helping others who are in the same situation I was in those many years ago. Today I find nothing more satisfying than helping others achieve their goals and dreams in life.

My mission with livethislife is to transform bodies, change mindset, create more energy and motivation and give people the knowledge and tools they need to make a positive change and transform thier current lifestyle.