Creating Healthier Relationships and Greater Well-Being
by Cindy Silverlock (c)

Metamorphosis is a unique perspective born from the observation that we have never changed our underlying patterns of tension. We have been creating illness, conflict and war from the beginning of time. We cure one illness, we create another. We end one conflict, we create another.

Robert St. John, the founder of Metamorphosis observed that there is a deeper and simpler explanation for these patterns. By not focusing on the problem (symptomatic thinking) and understanding a simple dynamic on the planet, you can change on all levels without analysis or effort. In fact, keeping the mind out of it is beneficial. We have been stuck in our minds, analyzing and thinking for a very long time.

Metamorphosis is a set of principles that offer an insightful perspective on relationships and well-being. The gentle hands-on practice helps you let go of deep and chronic tension. Robert was inspired by the concept of using reflex points to act as symbols to communicate intent. With Reflexology the intent is of a physical nature, with Metamorphosis the intent is to access and let go of unconscious tension. We work on the spinal reflex points of the feet, hands and head and directly on the spine. As unconscious tension eases you are able to be the person you want to be; happier, healthier and less reactive.

My approach to Metamorphosis is in daily life. Daily living is about relationships; to yourself, family, partners, others and the world. The richness of life is our relationships and many of them challenge us. These conflicts often inspire us to grow.

Afference and efference are the primary principles of Metamorphosis. They are the two aspects of life, consciousness and matter. I view the principles of afference and efference in relationship to each other. When they are in harmony we experience health, happiness, well-being and positive relationships. When there is tension between the two we experience dis-ease, conflict and unhealthy relationships. This way of thinking actually makes all of life profoundly simple. Either afference and efference are in harmony or they are pushed apart by unconscious tension and creating problems.

The idea is that at conception we are each imprinted with our own unique blend of tension that arrives with our DNA and subtle influences. Everything you will become enters one cell, including patterns of tension. This one cell reproduces and these underlying patterns of tension function just below the surface. They are expressed as mental, emotional, physical or spiritual tension or dysfunction.

We all have varying degrees of tension that we are born with, which is helpful in understanding why some people cope with life better than others. It is the degree of unconscious tension under the surface that determines how much external tension a person can cope with. We compulsively function from this tension which is why we cannot always live or behave as we desire.

What I appreciate about Metamorphosis is it gives you a fresh perspective in viewing problems and also gives you something you can do about them. We often get stuck in our minds with the awareness of problems, without a solution. The best part is that Metamorphosis does not involve the intellect, so you are encouraged to stop thinking about problems and simply use the hands-on practice. The principles create awareness and the touch provides the impetus to let go of tension. You do your own work unconsciously, giving your conscious mind more time to focus on what you love.

An important distinction in Metamorphosis is that we do not aim to heal. The practice is an invitation to let go of tension. As unconscious tension eases, afference and efference harmonize, and healing is the natural outcome. We allow healing to occur instead of aiming to heal - which requires analysis, effort and ultimately keeps us in the endless cycle of healing.

Metamorphosis helps relationships as well. One person tends to be more afferent (inward) and the other more efferent (outward). The greater the distance between afference and efference existing between two people, the greater the conflict. This dynamic operates within you, between two people, in family or group systems and collectively between countries, etc. This is the dynamic of all of life and all living things are affected by it.

What inspired me about Metamorphosis is that Robert created a set of principles and a practice that anyone can easily learn, without investing a lot of time or money. The negative dynamics of life will change much more quickly when people ‘lighten their loads’ within themselves and in their home.

Practicing Metamorphosis in the home helps each family member contribute more positively. Understanding that annoying issues are simply unconscious and compulsive patterns helps you become more loving towards yourself and others. Accepting yourself ‘as you are’ is freeing. It is nice to give your mind a break from trying to decide “what is wrong with you, how you got that way, whose fault it is, etc.”

Children (and adults) want to be well-behaved and loved. It is their unconscious patterns that are creating negative behavior. This work is great for couples, you will gain a helpful perspective on relationship dynamics and a gentle practice to do something about them, instead of fighting or endlessly discussing.

Learn to help your family grow instead of trying to change, discipline or punish. Metamorphosis is easy to learn and you can practice on yourself, family, friends and animals. Many holistic professionals appreciate Metamorphosis, it offers greater gain for the client and less effort for the practitioner.

(As printed in the RAA newsletter: Reflexology Association of America and Reflexology Association of Australia 2010.)For more information:

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Cindy Silverlock studied with the founder and has been using the work in her daily life and within her marriage for 21 years. Her interest in Metamorphosis is keeping it simple and her classes are offered in the USA and internationally. She is the author of “Metamorphosis, Creating Healthier Relationships and Greater Well-Being” previously titled, “Metamorphosis, Creating Consciousness Through Touch”. Cindy also has an informative DVD - available on