I believe Metastock’s explorer tool is one of the best tools available in this software. Perhaps is not the best screening and explorer tool to find the right stock to trade, but it is definitely one of the best tools inside Metastock. Not only you can easily program it after you learn its native language, the explorer will also help you to follow your guidelines that have been previously arranged.

Equis Metastock’s explorer will help you with your discipline simply because you will have to program everything beforehand and quite accurately. It is like programing any other computer program. For non-tech people, this might seem easy, but you have to think like this: say for example that you want to instruct a robot to heat up some water for you. You might think “Easy! Robot, heat up the water!” This would sound great for a human being, but it is not enough for a robot.

For a robot, you would have to point out and specify every single task he must accomplish and in which order in order to heat up the water. You would have to specify to find the pot, the lid, to find a lighter, etc. And that is what happens with the explorer tool: since you will have to specify everything according to small and important details, you will have to think longer and harder on how exactly your setup will work.

You will have to think if the setup will work under any market conditions or if there are special criteria that must be met before any trade is attempted. Not only that, you will have to decide and program it all in the right order or everything might fall apart. Now, it does not sound that easy right? But this will immensely enhance your performance since you will be researching way more than you would regularly do.

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