For those who want to have a body, like a master of sports in bodybuilding or just to be in shape - you need to remember about training, an approximate lifestyle and proper nutrition.

It is also no secret that in our time, many athletes and people striving for high achievements in sports life, take anabolic steroids. Anabolic substances contain anabolic androgenic steroids (AAS) and beta-2 agonists. Methandienone cycle has a higher muscle growth potential even higher than testosterone. Until 1956, the use of steroids was carried out by injection - which led to some inconvenience in the form of pain and the rapid disappearance of the action of methane. Many pharmaceutical companies under various names began to produce methandrostenolone in tablets. Despite the different names of drugs with anabolic effects (increased protein synthesis in the body), methandienone (methandrostenolone) is their main active ingredient.

You can list very effective and well-known in their use anabolics with methandienone legal content:

- Danabol (methandienone) - manufacturer of Balkan Pharmaceuticals (Moldova)
- SP Metandienon - manufacturer of SP Laboratories (Moldova)
- Metaxon (Methane) - manufacturer Malay tiger (Malaysia)

Methandienone benefits:

1. Fast muscle gain
2. Growth of power indicators
3. Improving the absorption of calcium protein
4. Acceleration of protein synthesis
5. Strengthening the skeletal system
6. Improving appetite
7. Fat-burning effect (profit due)
8. Anti-catabolic effect

You can notice the magnitude of the effect, because it has the most effective connection, from all of the familiar anabolic drugs.

When you using methandienone before after, it is necessary to understand that all pharmaceutical inventions have side effects and these steroids are not an exception.

It is worth noting that exceeding the permissible norm of anabolic steroids results in a small increase in the metabolic rate, while side effects of the cuts increase.

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