TCM or the Traditional Chinese Medicine is considered as the branch of traditional medicine in China. Moreover, it has been also explicated as the “fraught with pseudoscience”. Most of the treatment which comes under the traditional Chinese medicine does not have logical mechanism of action. The practice of TCM in Singapore or generally consists of numerous forms that include:

• Herbal Medicine
• Cupping Therapy
• Gua Sha and so on.

General Considerations
When it comes to the difference between TCM and conventional medicine, then you may observe the vast difference. In addition to it, the most common problem that is associated with the clinical trial of traditional Chinese medicine is shortage of funds for the specific research in the Western countries. For example, little patent protection regarding the medicinal plants and most of the manufacturers of the Chinese Herbal Medicines are small.

Due to the lack of funds, there is a lack of research. Further, the lack of research leads to the lack of outcome. In addition to that, when it comes to the double blind trials of the TCM then Blinding can be categorized as the real problem. The herbal medicine can be differentiated on the basis of taste, odor, or appearance according to their placebos.

In addition to it, intervention has to be explicated in all kinds of clinical trials. The goal is to be explained all the essential details regarding to it. These details can be related to the study which can be reproduced by the several investigators. Along with it, there is more complex things in the Chinese herbal medicines as compared to the conventional studies. You can consider the best TCM Clinic in Singapore for getting the appropriate knowledge about the treatment that comes under the TCM.

Apart from it, the herbal medicines are considered as the natural products which compositions and several sort effect varies on the numerous factors. Here is the list of some factors on which the effect and composition are depended.

• Sources such as soil, climate, and so on.
• Processing or Extraction
• Storage

Specific considerations

There are numerous problems occur in the clinical trials of TCM including the general difficulties too. These are problem are in the term of size, and so on. In addition to it, Bias can be considered as the issue in any sort of research. However, it is great in the case of traditional Chinese medicine.

Apart from that, there are various traditional Chinese medical techniques that you must have the knowledge about it.
List of traditional Chinese medicine techniques:
The major aim of TCM is to help the masses for maintaining their proper health. Here is the list of some techniques which comes under the TCM or traditional Chinese medicine.

1. Acupuncture
In the acupuncture technique, needles are inserted in the superficial skin, muscle, and subcutaneous tissue at the specific acupuncture points. In the case of TCM, there are more that 2000 acupuncture points on the human body which are linked by the 12 major meridians. You can look for the Acupuncture Singapore if you are interested in this treatment.

2. Moxibustion

It is also considered as the therapy that consists of burning the moxa which made from the dried Artimesia Vulgaris for the healing purpose. When the moxa is burn then it leads to the great smoke and pungent smell. The major aim behind this therapy is to warm and invigorate the blood, stimulation the flow of Qi. In addition to that, it also strengthen the Kidney Yang.

3. Cupping or Scrapping

It is one of kind Chinese massage that requires the several glass or plastic cups. The plastic cups or glass are kept on the body. The TCM practitioners warm the cups with the help of cotton balls for removing the oxygen. After that, they remove the substance and keep the cups against the skin. The process of scrapping is done unless red spots cover the treated area.

4. Chinese Herbs
Most of the TCM practitioner gives the preference to those substances which comes from the roots, different kind of leaves, seeds of plants that include cinnamon, ginger, licorice, and so on. If they the suggestion about Chinese herbology as a treatment then they combine the herbs into the formula. Further, it is dispensed into the traditional teal, liquid extract, and so on.
In the end these are the techniques which come under the traditional Chinese medicines. Each technique has different method and use for different purposes.

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