When one has lost hair on the head one begins to look old. Bald people are not attractive. They will not get invited to parties and they lose plenty of job opportunities because younger people get all the chances. There is one way to remedy this and that is to go to a hair clinic in Delhi. Delhi is the center for all hair treatment solutions because there are many hair clinics there.

Use of FUE method

The best method for treating hair is through the FUE transplantation method. In this, individual follicles get removed from their donor site and transferred to the recipient site (bald area). In this Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), the donor site may be a friend’s head. If you have a friend with lots of thick hair, then you can ask him to be the donor. If this is possible, then arrange for your friend to attend the transplantation process. He will have to come to the FUE Hair Transplant Clinic in Delhi and once the hair surgeon has got the hair he will begin the transplantation process.

Amount of baldness determines hair need

The importance of choosing a growth rich region is that this will help the new hair to grow well. They can transplant about 1000-1500 follicles in one sitting lasting for four hours. If you have only lost hair in the front of the head (Stage 1 baldness), then this will be enough. If you have lost more hair, then you will need to have more than one sitting. This will be set for five to six months after the first sitting.

Other methods to grow hair

Other hair growth methods involve injecting hair nourishing solutions into the scalp. This is the Derma Roller method, where they pour nourishment into the rollers and inject them into your scalp. This method is slightly painful but effective. It does not take as much time as hair transplantation. Another method is PRP therapy. In this, they extract Protein Rich Plasma (PRP) from the growth rich areas and inject it into those areas where you lack proper growth. This is popular because it is very effective. The third method is to use laser to stimulate growth. The laser stimulates the blood vessels beneath the scalp. This makes new hair grow. This method is preferred because the healing time is the least here.

Cost for hair transplant surgery

The cost of each graft is 30-40 INR. In each graft, you will have 2-3 hair follicles. You will need 1,500 - 5,000 hair follicles depending on the extent of baldness. You can see the Hair Transplant Cost in Delhi works out to 60,000 - 850,000 INR. Also, since you cannot have all the hair transplanted at once, you will have to spend at least two years to complete the hair transplant operation. Hair transplant comes guaranteed for 25 years.

Being expensive, one must prepare to arrange the finance well in advance of the surgery. Also, you will have to skip work during these periods and so you must be prepared for that also. It is a good feeling to get your hair back. You will be back on top of the world.

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