It is officially known as United Mexican States, Mexico is a unique destination. It is located in North America. On its west, the Pacific Ocean borders it and on the north, United States of America flanks it. In the Americas, the destination is considered to be the fifth largest country on the basis of area. To reach this destination, many cheap flights are available. One simply needs to book airline tickets and start travel planning.

The economy of the place is quite strong. From tourism spending point of view, the country is considered to be on the twenty third positions in the world. From Canada and United States, maximum numbers of visitors come here. The country being an ancient Mesoamerican city, it offers a wide array of tourist attractions like Pyramid of the sun and pyramid of the moon. Booking tickets on flights to Mexico, more and more visitors plan their vacations here.

Located in Venustiano Carranza, Benito Juárez International Airport is the main airport of the destination. Its IATA code is MEX. It is considered to be the busiest airport of the country and it handles passenger traffic effectively. From aircraft movements point of view also, the airport is considered to be very busy. After 19th century, the airport was formally named as Juarez after President Benito Juarez. The airport is considered to be major international gateway. Operated by the government owned corporation, Aeropuertos y Servicios Auxiliares and owned by Grupo Aeroportuario de la Ciudad de México, the airport operates 21 more airports.

31 domestic as well as international airlines are operated through this prominent airport. More than 100 destinations are served through direct flights from the airport. Nonstop services are available to Caribbean, North America, South America, Central America, Asia and Europe from the country. Statistics reveal that about 26,368,861 passengers were handled by the airport in the year 2011. It was 9.28% increase in comparison to the previous year. To expand its capabilities further, expansion and renovation project is underway. After completion of this project, the airport is expected to handle up to 32 million passengers annually. The airport acts as a hub for Aeromexico, the largest airlines in Mexico. Becoming a SkyTeamhub, the airport also serves as a secondary hub for Aermexico Connect, its subsidiary.

From the centre of the city, this airport is located at a distance of 5km. The airport is also surrounded by Gustavo A and it’s built up areas. The airport experiences overflying problem as the landing approach of the airliner is directly above the city.

Used predominantly by SkyTeam members, the H-gates or terminal’s east wing opened as waiting area for final call in the year 2001. Later, announcement was made by the authorities to construct a new airport sprawled in an area of 12,000 acres. But due to protests by the localities, the plan of the new airport was cancelled. To enhance the capacity of the airport, a program namely Expansion of Mexico City to its Maximum Capacity was launched in 2002.

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