Microfinance institutions (MFI) provide loans and credit to small businessmen for use as capital. But with changing technology, such institutions like Fusionmicrofinance are embracing the digital world with new technology to enter the business world. Simple digital tools like mobile phones are changing the way microfinance is operating. By providing financial help to the poor communities, small businessmen can establish themselves in society.

Why do MFO partner with Fintechs?
By partnering with fintech, MFIs can continue to connect with their customer base and raise capital. They can offer varying choices to those in their low-income group.

What is algorithm-based lending?
Algorithm-based lending is cheap and easy to operate. When access to data on customer behavior is made, customers can be connected digitally, which is not possible through traditional MFI. The algorithm is generated through machine learning and big data analysis.

What is the role of MFIs in SME?
The small and medium enterprise (SME) is facing a structural change. They are forced to invoice electronically. They are financed by large companies in their supply chain to purchase products and supply goods. With eCommerce, SMEs are connecting to technology platforms. MFI who are already serving such SME clients can use electronic data to develop lending methods and partner with agricultural dealers, eCommerce firms, and big players.

How does MFI integrate with insurance?
Though microfinance borrowers are provided insurance coverage, their awareness is limited. But with digital tools, awareness about insurance is enhanced. For example, mobile phones are making a big change in access to savings, remittances, pensions, and insurance.

How do customers benefit from MFI digital loans?
Digital loans are easy to get but are expensive too. As such loans are easy to get, they may be used for speculation and other unhealthy habits. Moreover, this procedure involves the collection of data that may be used for fraudulent purposes wrongly. However, with regulations, such practices can be stopped.

Should MFI’s connect with data collection?
Yes. MFI’s should collect data about their customers. It will provide an insight into their payments and their repayment potential. Data collection will guide them on credit decisions.

How can organizations use digital tools for credit?
By integrating digital tools like digital loan disbursement and repayment, using credit scoring tools while underwriting, etc., MFI can undergo a digital transformation.

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