Now deceased, Michael Jackson is more powerful than ever before. This story has made frontline news in all the world’s paper for 3 days straight now. No other news is seemingly is so captivating; not Jon and Kate, not US economic woes, not even the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Michaels’ death has suddenly revived his career. Yes, revived. In all likelihood, he may generate more money then he ever did alive. Already record stores, iTunes, and Amazon have experience enormous demands. Elvis, John Lennon, Jim Morrison all experienced the same.

Michael’s legacy will most likely focus on the days he produced Off the Wall and Thriller. Those two albums alone produced more hits then most musicians have in their entire careers. His music videos ‘Beat It’, ‘Billie Jean’, and ‘Thriller’ transformed music videos from a mere promotional tool to an art. It helped ignite MTV. His career in a nutshell: 2 time inductee into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (as a solo artist and member of the Jackson 5), 13 Grammy Awards, 13 Number one singles, over 750 million albums sold worldwide, and billions of dollars generated.

--The Lost Childhood--
As the world learned, however, was that Michael Jackson had a dark side that involved child abuse, neglect, and accusations of child molestation. You find can an entire populace of people with similar history in prison.

It wasn’t enough that Michael suffered a lost childhood. He was never allowed to be own person. His spirit was never free. Instead, his life became a tool for others to make profit of his enormous talent. His father, Joe Jackson, was not a successful man on his own by any means. He was a steel worker during the day, hardly carrying enough change in his pockets for lunch.

To his credit, however, Joe Jackson was a driven man. He played in a band and was a talented guitarist. Perhaps he had dreams playing for record label, but fell victim to the circumstances in his day: poverty, racism, and missed opportunities.

To some, growing old and not fulfilling your lifelong dream is intolerable. Joe Jackson may not have wanted any of that. So, his kids became the pawns for his success. According the Michael and his sister LaToya, Joe Jackson was a tyrant with an iron fist. He ran the household with fear, intimidation, and complete lack of concern about his children’s feelings.

In addition, Michael had to endure the challenge of being in a one-income household with ten kids. Normally with large families siblings would play and fight with each other. In the Jackson household, it seemed that band practice took precedence to growing up and living a normal childhood.

Despite the hardship, Michael was born to be an entertainer. For years the Jackson 5 played in local venues and won numerous competitions. It was not till Michael joined the band did MoTown Records take notice.

--The Baton is Passed--
Smokey Robinson said, “Michael had the talent of someone years his age.” Which Michael at the realm, the Jackson 5 attracted television and record deals. Like many child stars, however, Michael was forced into world that God never meant for children. Michael never experienced a childhood. He was busy making money for his family and for the record labels. He was a moneymaker. Despite the claims from those who say they loved him and showed genuine concern, he was a music moneymaking machine. The self-worth was solely based on that. If he stopped producing, they stopped caring.

In 1979, the record ‘Off the Wall’ was a solo act without Michael’s tyrant father or his brothers. Quincy Jones was the man behind the project. Together, Jones and the 20 year old Jackson produced the first ever album to generate US top 10 hits including blockbuster songs like "Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough" and "Rock with You".

The man was only 20!

At 20 years old most people are in college, partying, studying for college exams, or thinking of their careers. Michael remained what he was since he was 10, a money making machine. Not a man with feelings, not a man with a spirit, and a human being. He was money making machine, the darling of the media, a man with billions of dollars, yet no life.

At 24, Thriller was released. It’s the greatest album I have ever purchased. For Michael, the arrow had reached its peak and is now failing.

-- Energy Released – His deal with Children --
It’s little wonder why Michael had that special relationship with children. He wanted to be around them, especially young male boys. Why? Because he was never allowed to experience having a ‘best friend’, or play outside with friends after school, like normal kids do.

It’s just human nature to make up for lost experience. It not unusual for teenage moms, as soon as their children are grown, to dress up in sexy garbs, hang out at bars, and date younger men.

Michael’s inner demons were not demons. They were yearnings. Yearnings to have the God given right to a normal childhood.

Did he molest young boys? I’m not sure, but then I wonder why an innocent man would pay the family of one of his so-called victims $20 million to keep their mouth shut. I don’t know the details, nor will I speculate.

--Career Revived in Death--
In years to come there will be speculations if Michael did actually die? The same theories floated around about Elvis and Jim Morrison. Elvis and Jim Morrison made more money in death then they did alive.

Will that happen to Michael? Most likely yes.

The greatest gifts Michael left us his music. He is the ‘King of Pop’ and the greatest entertainer since Elvis and the Beatles. More important, for those who wish to live their successful through their children, look at Michael’s life and where it went.

He became a lost soul with billions of dollars. As it was mentioned in the Bible,
What good will it be for a man if he gains the whole world, yet forfeits his soul? Or what can a man give in exchange for his soul? – Matthew 16:26

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Jim Hague is an author, lecturer, teacher and all around great guy!